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A Pastor with Reformed Church of Mount Zion in Beitbridge's Dulibadzimu area reportedly chucked a congregant out of the church for allegedly farting and smelling so terrible.

As if that was not enough, the pastor is said to have further threatened to expel all church members who do not pay tithes and offerings according to his standards, My Zimbabwe News has learnt. Pastor Justice Mbedzi (27) reportedly uttered the stunning expulsion threats during a church service that he conducted in his church.

A member of the church, Trust Fhurandzi, who was present on the day in question said Pastor Mbedzi ordered a mentally challenged congregant to vacate the church.

"It was on a Sunday when I went to attend Pastor Mbedzi's church service. There was another congregant who was mentally challenged and was kneeling near the pastor during a prayer. I got the shock of my life after praying when the pastor dismissed the guy from the church saying he was smelling too bad," said Trust who attended the controversial church service.

The source added that the pastor insulted the mentally challenged man saying his church was not for mentally challenged people. Trust also revealed that after hurling the insults to the mentally-ill God-seeking man, the 'man of God' vowed to ban all church members before end of this year who do not pay tithes and offerings according to his expectations.

Another church member who attended the church service said she didn't take the pastor's conduct lightly.

"The 'evicted' congregant was not mentally well and all church members know that. What baffled us is that the pastor chose to reject the congregant instead of praying for him. That really embarrassed us as a church. Other people will be made to think that we don't love those people (mentally challenged)," said the woman who requested anonymity.

When reached for comment, the pastor CONFIRMED that he indeed expelled the mentally challenged person from his church.

"I dismissed him from the church because I was scared he would end up beating up church members. When I first met this guy, he wanted to thrash another church member so that's why I expelled him. Ndakamudzinga ndichiti abude nekuti ainhuwa asi handina kumboti aisura (I turned hi away because he was smelling bad but I never said he was farting). About offerings, that's very true because my church members do not pay offerings good enough. You find them paying 1 Rand each as offering so how do we build the house of the Lord?" said Pastor Mbedzi.

The man of God said they are looking for funds so that they can build their church since they currently worship at an open space area.

"Handisati ndambodya mari yechurch. (I haven't spent any church funds). It's only that these congregants do not understand the things of God, that's why they speak lies about me," said Pastor Mbedzi.

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