Former Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa, smarting from his failure to land a Central Committee post which effectively ruled him out of the Politburo, attempted to rope in South Africa to rescue him from the political dustbin.

Cde Mutasa, who is in India where his wife is receiving medical treatment, granted an interview to South African media where he sought to discredit the recent congress that ushered in new party leadership.

In an interview with the Independent on Saturday, Cde Mutasa called on South African President Jacob Zuma to alert other regional governments about Zanu-PF's congress where he and former Vice President Joice Mujuru among other officials were ejected both from the revolutionary party and Government.

He claimed that their sacking was unprocedural and undemocratic.

Former VP Mujuru and other senior party officials were sacked after they were implicated in a plot to assassinate President Mugabe including allegations of fanning factionalism, abuse of power and high-level corruption.

"We refuse to be chucked out of Zanu-PF, which some of us have been in for 57 years. We fought for 'one man, one vote' majority rule, which is not provided for in the current Zanu-PF constitution adopted at the 6th congress," Cde Mutasa claimed.

"It gives all votes to the President alone and violates the supreme law of the country. It is therefore null and void, all that transpired at the 6th congress. We call on Zanu-PF to work as it was before the 6th congress, which was itself unlawful. We appeal to Sadc to adopt our position. We also appeal to Zimbabweans to remain peaceful as we strive for the democracy that we fought for," said Cde Mutasa.

Cde Mutasa declined to comment yesterday saying; "Handidi kutaura nemi. Inga wani ndakati handidi kutaura nemi."

Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo declined to discuss the matter yesterday. "I won't go into that today, I will discuss that matter tomorrow," he said.

Other members in other provinces that fell by the wayside because of their association with Cde Mujuru are Cdes Nicholas Goche, Webster Shamu, Dzikamai Mavhaire, Ray Kaukonde, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Francis Nhema, Olivia Muchena and Simbaneuta Mudarikwa, among others.

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+2#TTK2014-12-15 09:07
Nhasi wave kuziva kuti kune inonzi democracy ka. Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe. kikikikiki.
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+4#oliver2014-12-15 09:26
Vaiti vakangwara vachitsikirira vamwe, zvinonaka tsoko achinyenga gudo, kana onyengwa oti kangu kadiki
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+1#travo2014-12-15 13:58
kkkkkkk haaaa OLIVER wandikutura.... ..thats reality man, those were the very people vaisheedzera toda vaMugabe muoffice. Nhasi zvovapandukira
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0#selele2014-12-15 14:13
VAMQuoting travo:
kkkkkkk haaaa OLIVER wandikutura......thats reality man, those were the very people vaisheedzera toda vaMugabe muoffice. Nhasi zvovapandukira

How can a whole Mutasa be sold out by a girlfriend? Vakadzi vedzimbahwe vazoshata zvino.
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0#Pilsener2014-12-15 11:12
poetic justice
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+1#selele2014-12-15 11:56
Simple card carrying member Mutasa will be whipped into line by комисса́р Kasukuwere who has full knowledge and experience of the revolutionary ideals which will take our people out of poverty.
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+3#Solo2014-12-15 12:32
Mutasa is querying elections in Zimbabwe but this is what the opposition has been preaching all along.

We cannot all be leaders at the same time. Mr Mutasa please taste how it feels to be "jumped over". Imborumwaiwo nenzara munzwe izvo zvinoita kuitira kuti munzwisisewo dambudziko rine vana veZimbabwe.
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0#lo2014-12-15 15:17
wanya mutasa
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0#mambo2014-12-15 15:49
Zuma must not get involved with rubbish matters achitosiya to renew our permits hos usually business, vakadzingwa vamama vese,endai mundorima chibage.hapasis ina zvi herois acre neemuti mugabe anongoti u were not consistance to the end, kutionesa nhamo muchiti vamugabe, mamama, edgar tekere, magreth dongo, vakazviona kare kuti mugabe is a stupid
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0#Kollen2014-12-17 08:26
ZANU PF is only 51 years old and Mutasa has been in ZANU PF for 57 years.
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0#Zvakaoma2015-01-01 08:15
Ingama1, dai vapfanha veZanu vakambokmamisa sezvamaiita vamwe hauti Mgabe muhofic futi, ndokt Zanu pf
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