EXCLUSSIVE: Tsvangirai and Mujuru join forces, calls for fresh elections coming soon Former vice president, Joice Mujuru and ex-prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai have allegedly joined political forces, in a bid to call for fresh presidential and parliamentary elections, before President Robert Mugabe's term running until 2018 comes to an end, The Telescope News has revealed.

Dodgy political gamesmanship is at a high crescendo, as both the Mujuru and Tsvangirai camps are reportedly cobbling a strategic truce, to wrestle power from Mnangagwa, who could takeover in 2015, amid disclosures that Mugabe is all but considering stepping down, with the justice minister poised to finish off his tenure in office.

The hitherto undercover secret, is also meant to number acting president, Emmerson Mnangagwa's days in office, as both first vice president and eventual Mugabe successor, while offering a new paradigm for the country's economic revival on the back of willingness by Washington and the European Union (EU) to mend financial and political ties with Harare, our investigations unearth.

Mnangagwa woke up this working morning as acting president, until Mugabe returns back from his annualCchristmas escapade in Asia before the end of Januray 2015. This publication has also heard, from senior Zanu PF insiders, that Mnangagwa is likely to chair at least two cabinet meetings and a series of national security symposiums, especially under the auspices of the Joint Operations Command (JOC), which many believe to be the real power behind the curtains, managing the country's affairs with a military boot.

Mugabe has literally decimated Mujuru and some former key ministers thought to have been backing her purported plot to force the nonagenarian out of power. Some of the purged ministers include: Didymus Mutasa (Presidential Affairs), Nicholas Goche ( Labour minister), Francis Nhema (Indigenisation minister), Olivia Muchena (Higher and Tertiary Education minister), Webster Shamu (ICT minister) and Mahonaland East Provincial Affairs minister Simbaneuta Mudarikwa.

Mutasa, a close Mujuru ally has even called upon South African president, Jacob Zuma, to nullify Zanu PF's recent elective congress saying it was undemocratic.

Mujuru on the other hand, is playing it safe by sending her "congratulations" to Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko wishing them the best in "their service to the nation" as the new vice presidents, and vowing to die as a Zanu PF member.

"We are about to experience deadly fireworks in our country," a Zimbabwean diplomat in Europe aware of the Mujuru and Tsvangirai 2016 plan revealed.

"Amai Mujuru is doing exactly what I'm employed to do in this part of the world, and that is being diplomatic. Truth of the matter is people are not happy with her dismissal from government, and I can confirm that an alliance with Tsvangirai to force new elections is already underway. It is just a matter of time, and timing, and soon you shall hear that all Tsvangirai MPs and those in Mujuru's corner have resigned from parliament. According to the new Constitution Mugabe has no choice but to call a fresh election, because once more than two thirds of the legislators quit, it's game over. However for now, they will all pretend to go about their business."

According to Section 143(2) of the Constitution: "The president must by proclamation dissolve parliament if the Senate and the National Assembly, sitting separately, by the votes of at least two-thirds of the total membership of each house, have passed resolutions to dissolve."

One of Mujuru's aides said she could not respond to our questions, as she had to first discuss them with the former VP first.

An excited MDC-T insider confirmed our report, adding that their party was en route to form the next government, "if a free and fair election is conducted at anytime of day".

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0#Pilsener2014-12-15 11:17
some cowards wont resign.....and those from the renewal team might not heed this call
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0#selele2014-12-15 11:37
..If wishes were horses...
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0#Lizwe2014-12-15 12:55
Mere speculation with no substance. Problem is in Zimbabwe's politics there are too many people with too many expectations some bordering on day dreaming!
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0#Jonso2014-12-15 14:29
The very brick the builder rejected, finally became the cornerstone of the house. Amai Mujuru might be the first woman president in Zimbabwe.
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0#jackb2014-12-15 16:14
You have got an idea jonso but with these hard headed old bustuds she cant win, she can be killed instead.
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ian Gumbo
0#ian Gumbo2014-12-16 03:24
Let us support these VIP they have Quilities to move Zimbabwe foward I don't want war in our country.
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0#trucenation2014-12-21 09:08
fingers crossed. but hey if all is done in a democratic and peaceful manner. patsvene
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0#stupid2014-12-21 19:11
:-? Let us see !
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0#WILLARD MUBVUMBI2014-12-28 09:09
According to the 1934 prophecy, by Johane Masowe founder, Mugabe will rule until donkeys grow horns. Dont you think its a waste of time challenging the old man?
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0#mzambia2014-12-30 00:42
Mugabe will always rule and he won't step down dat old man jus wana prove de whites wrong but he is nt puttin his people fisrt .all he cares abt is to fuk de whites and yet his people are stavin,ooh sory gods people
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