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Latest on Faith Mutema, Patrick and Tonderai love triangle: All parties speak out (WITH PHOTOS) After all said and done, the nation has come to realise that a woman of Faith's calibre would not cheat on her husband from nowhere. (CAPTION: Tonderai and Faith).

Investigations done by My Zimbabwe News have alleged that Patrick is reportedly a womaniser who emotionally and sexually tortured his wife Faith Mutema. Further reported are that Patrick would spend several nights away from home, enjoying his money and living large with his other girlfriends, it is alleged.

"If Patrick continues trying to play 'Mr Nice Guy' we will expose his shenanigans as well. He is a serial cheat who would spend countless nights away from home, giving other women sex at the expensive of Faith. That's why Faith ended up having a night of sexual bliss with Tonderai in Eastlea because Patrick would also not be at home either. Patrick has a 'fleet' of concubines, and if Faith wasn't a humble woman she would have told you everything about Patrick's secrets," said a source who spoke to My Zimbabwe News on condition of anonymity.

Faith Mutema's drama took a new twist last night following the emerging of a 'gupuro video' which was reportedly recording without her (Faith's) consent and let alone knowledge.

The heavily laden and image-tarnished woman has however garnered support even from other men and women who at first rebuked her for cheating. This was after they saw the video which starred the 34-year-old rejected but extremely beautiful woman crying and begging for forgiveness.

She wept so painfully that even the My Zimbabwe News crew got touched, though what she did was totally unacceptable.

"Ndinokumbirawo ruregerero, kuregererwa ndapota hangu veduweee. Ruregerero, ndakakanganisa Babaaa.... Nhai Mwari iweeee. Babaaa kani ndokumbirawo ruregerero," said Faith as she cried in the presence of her in-laws and her own father, a former headmaster and a very respectable man who was only identified as Mr Mutema.

Latest on Faith Mutema, Patrick and Tonderai love triange: All parties speak out (WITH PHOTOS)(CAPTION: Faith and Patrick's children at Pizza Inn Haefellis branch in Bulawayo) When reached for comment, Faith said she was shocked to learn about the existence of the video which was recorded without her knowledge.

"I understand you are the one who published the story. I will furnish you with the latest developments after consulting one of my relatives. I will definitely come back to you. I don't know who took the video because it was taken without my knowledge," she said and refused to say much about her husband who has seriously destroyed her person.

Patrick, despite playing a pivotal role in exposing his wife's cheating antics and playing the victim, has however received his equal share of attacks on social networks and on My Zimbabwe News platform. Others accused him of telling the whole world that he is allegedly sexually impotent and others accused him of acting like a woman who needs to consult the whole clan and tetes (aunties) to solve a simple issue.

"Shame you guys. In as much as this man wanted to punish his wife publicly humiliating her will also affect his kids kwese kwavaenda, nyange kuchikoro nyange the relationships and friendships they will want to build will be burdened by this label yekunzi Mai vakabatwa chihure. Toziva zvakakurwadzai but makuvadza vana apa," said Crystal who 'trades' on My Zimbabwe News as 'Mynameis'.

Another reader who commented anonymously said: "First of all you are a lunatic for taking this video, why aren't you showing your face? You never truly loved this woman, otherwise you wouldn't be putting her through hell like this, iwewe zvingani zvawakaita zvatisi ngazive. Secondly, social media is here to stay one day your kids are going to see the agony you put their mother through and hate you for life."

Moyoza said: "I blame the man. he was not man enough to give her orgasm. she was sexually starved by that idiot guy. she is also human she deserves to enjoy sex."

Latest on Faith Mutema, Patrick and Tonderai love triangle: All parties speak out (WITH PHOTOS)(CAPTION: Bla Patrick, the cheated man) But when reached for comment, Patrick whose photo we have published here, said his sisters were totally disgusted by his wife's cheating 'spree' and hence they decided to take the video and further humiliate her.

"To be honest it's not me who recorded that video but my sisters did that behind my back," he claimed, yet his voice could be heard loud and clearly in the video, suggesting that he was the closest person to the 'cameraman' as no any other voice was as loud and clear as his in the video which has since gone viral.

"I'm still to file for divorce but according to our tradition, my hands are clean," he claimed.

The man said of the three children he sired with Faith, he believes either one or two are his, and Faith got impregnated by someone else to give birth to the third child or two of them rather.

"In the event that DNA tests are carried out, either one or two of the kids will be mine," he again claimed.

Then Tonderai, the Eastlea guy who was paid a whooping US$65 for having protected sex with a married woman for the whole night, had no kind words for his "former paymaster".

He said he would never take Faith for a wife because he too risks being cheated.

"No man, Faith is too unfaithful to become my wife," he said when asked if he was going to marry the woman whose 'honey jar' he greatly contributed in depreciating, judging from the WhatsApp messages the cheating lovebirds exchanged.

The spectacles-wearing dude also received his fair share of insults even though he claimed that Faith had lied to him that she had separated with her husband.

"Tonderai ndiyo imbwa yemunhu manje. Basa rekusvika 35 years usati waroora kuti ugopota uchikwir* vakadzi vevanhu. Dai rikazadzwa njovhera. Look for your own girlfriend and leave women on separation alone," blasted one 'Chihure chanyanya' who commented on My Zimbabwe News website.

EDITOR'S NOTE: My Zimbabwe News hopes Faith has learnt from her mistakes. She has destroyed her own marriage but that is not the end of the world. At 34 she is still young and can re-shape her future. We say to you, it is evidently clear that Patrick is no longer interested in you, but don't be troubled, move on with your life and there are lots men out there who will take you as their perfect match, their most caring and loving wife, the mother of their children and would cherish every moment of their lives that they would spend with you.

Just don't rush into another marriage without taking your time to heal and to be ready to move on. Destroy that element of contemplating suicide because you have already survived the most humiliating moment of your life, everything else that follows is not as discountenancing as what you have already endured. Other men and women have already vowed, through our website, to support you in the best way of their ability and some are even begging for your phone number so that they can give you adequate counselling and material support. We wish you all the best in your life.

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