A normal outing turned into a nightmare for a Pumula South man after he saw a dead lizard floating in an opaque beer container from which he was drinking at a bar in Pumula South.

Combola Sainet vomited and later fell ill after he swallowed the tail of a lizard drinking from a scud container.

He vowed to the news crew that he will never drink a scud again because of what happened to him.

"When drinking I could feel a solid thing coming into contact with my tongue but I ignored it without checking what it was. I passed on the container", said Sainet. Before long it was moment of truth and scare.

"We all jumped in shock when we saw a dead lizard inside the container," he added. Thereafter, the only explanation for the missing part of the lizard was that he had swallowed it.

"The dead lizard had no tail, I think I swallowed it," said Sainet.

He confronted the Barman who apologized but indicated that the product was from Delta Beverages.

"I asked to see the manager and was told to talk to sales representatives from Delta who then gave me one white T-Shirt and a six pack of scuds which I gave to my friends. They promised to give me money so that I go to the hospital. I have not been feeling well since that day but up to now they are still quite," said Sainet.

A number of reports have been made to Delta, following the discovery of objects such as rats, grass, used condoms and sanitary pads, exposing the manufacture's apparent laxity on hygiene.

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