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Young Igwe Peter Moyo was last Saturday involved in a car accident. Coincidentally, Stunner and Tally B were also involved in another accident on the same day in Harare.

Peter Moyo's acident reportedly occurred in Hillside, Harare, when his Jeep Cherokee rammed into another vehicle. Coincidentally, That was also the case in Stunner's accident when his 'Beema' rammed into another vehicle along Enterprise road.

Four vehicles reportedly crashed after a vehicle in front had made emergency brakes resulting in the trailing vehicles ramming into each other.

The youthful musician who never runs short of making negative headlines said he had to be brave to complete the weekend shows in pain. He was taken to Avenues Clinic for treatment before being discharged.

"I'm now feeling better. I was taken to hospital where I got some medication after some x-rays. Some tissues had been damaged but it was not serious and I was given some pills to recover. The shows were fruitful but I was in pain, I just had to fulfil them. The fans did not know anything," he said.

Peter explained what happened leading to the accident.

"A vehicle that was in front stopped abruptly resulting in other vehicles in the rear crashing. Four vehicles crashed at the scene. The police came but the driver who had caused everything and was driving a BMW had escaped," he said.

Peter added that his car had to be towed for repairs because it was damaged in front.

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