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Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru says President Mugabe's government should not waste public resources embarking on a wild goose chase, investigating her and her businesses of alleged corruption and abuse of office.

In an interview at the weekend, the ousted Mujuru said she feared nothing and was "at peace with her creator" over the allegations being levelled against her, adding the state should direct public resources to meaningful sectors and not her "perceived businesses".

"I don't have such companies that warrant that (probe). Let them not waste government resources on me, leaving real thieves and corrupt people. I don't have such businesses which are said to be targeted," Mujuru said.

In the run-up to the Zanu PF congress early this month, Mujuru was accused of being an inept leader who depended heavily on President Robert Mugabe in the execution of her then duties.

She was also accused of corruption and plotting to unseat the president through assassination, a charge she has denied.

At the weekend it was reported in the state media that a Harare magistrate had granted search warrants to the police to probe businesses linked to Mujuru.

Police sources said some of the businesses targeted were a popular Harare food outlet, a commercial bank, a brick laying company and an abattoir in the capital (names supplied).

Mujuru denied any link to the companies, saying if the investigations were to be made, they would be just "wild goose chases".

"I have no time to hate anyone and I have no space to keep emotions, sometimes people just like to lie, I wonder why," she said.

Mujuru dismissed assertions that she was not a trained guerilla during the liberation struggle and insisted that she went through military training in Zambia in 1974 alongside former Zanu PF politburo member Stefan Mukusha.

Mujuru was fired from government together with eight Cabinet ministers, all accused of being in her camp and working to depose  President Mugabe.

First Lady Grace Mugabe was the first to accuse Mujuru of corruption, extortion and theft of diamonds, allegations the former vice-president denied.

Before the entrance of the First Lady into the Zanu PF mainstream politics, Mujuru was seen as a potential successor of President Mugabe when he steps down, but things just changed and now the former vice-president has been reduced to an ordinary card carrying member.

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