Delta Beverages has given its customers a festive season gift by reducing the prices of beer by 10 cents with effect from today, ahead of Government’s reduction of excise duty on the commodity from 45 percent to 40 percent next month.

Consumers will now pay 90 cents and US$1,55 per pint and quart respectively, down from the US$1 and US$1,65.

Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Cde Patrick Chinamasa, reduced excise duty on clear beer from 45 percent to 40 percent with effect from January 1 when he presented the National Budget.

In a statement yesterday, Delta Beverages general manager for lager beer business unit Dr Munya Nyandoro, said the company had reduced the price earlier to provide an early cheer to its customers.

"Delta Beverages, keen to provide an early cheer to customers and consumers, will reduce beer prices with effect from Monday December 29, 2014. We are confident that the new price points will be convenient to our customers and consumers who will now have the opportunity to use the recently announced new bond coins from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe," he said.

Mr Nyandoro said the new prices reflected a further reduction on the prices announced in September this year.

"The new prices we offer from December 29 represent a 13 percent reduction in prices that were prevailing on the September 1, 2014."

Consumers have welcomed the development and urged other manufacturers to follow suit.

Harare man, Mr Nisbert Muchenje, said the decline in prices meant more beers over the festive season.

"This is a welcome development. We are going to enjoy ourselves during the festive season," he said.

Mrs Antonette Mwanyisa said the decline in beer prices was good and should be extended to other basic commodities.

"I wish the same could be done to other basic commodities and even school fees," she said.

Presenting the 2015 National Budget, Cde Chinamasa reduced tax on clear beer.

"Mindful of the need not to undermine recovery efforts by the alcoholic beverage manufacturing industry and also in view of the current depressed aggregate demand for alcoholic beverages, I propose to reduce excise duty on clear beer from 45 percent to 40 percent, thereby stimulating growth in volumes.

"As a quid pro quo, alcoholic beverage manufacturers such as Delta Corporation have undertaken to reduce the retail price. The introduction of bond coins will go a long way to assist towards this effort," he said.



+1#Solo2014-12-29 08:03
Do the people have money to spend?

Hatidi kuti ana baba vatengese mombe kuti vawane mari yedoro.
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+2#mynameis2014-12-29 08:06
hoza new year!!!! but on the real muchaona increase in disorder
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+1#Plato2014-12-29 08:37
this saving is not going to be passed on to the consumer when we talk about pubs and nite clubs, so dont be too happy....their excuse will be that they dont have change even though we now have these bond coins that dont even have anything on them to symbolize that they are from zimbabwe.
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+1#masese2014-12-29 08:40
ini zvangu ndafara ko masese acho
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0#Bruno2014-12-29 14:25
Hokoyo nedoro
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0#Big BIG2014-12-29 17:07
reducing fuel would make more sense as it has effect to whole economy beer included. a country with 2 best companies being telecoms and beer co means people are drinking then talk on the phone lol talk of creating a nation of lunatics
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0#mindful-observer2014-12-29 17:40
How about you reduve school fees and basic foods as done in shoprite stores nekuti in zimbabwe our brands are pure quality but too expensive so we gotta go to foreign countries sometimes to buy our own imported brands if u dd that on things like rice upfu cooking oil meat n bread surely u wld hve used your brains
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