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If you become an enemy to certain Zanu PF bigwigs you then automatically become an enemy to State media such as The Herald, The Sunday Mail and ZBC.

Former Vice President Joice Mujuru knows this very much as she has been stripped and attacked left, right and centre from the very first day First Lady Grace Mugabe revealed that she had a bone to chew with Mujuru whom she 'advised' to resign or else she would be fired.

As has become the norm, since Mujuru is no longer in good books with the first family and other Zanu PF officials, anyone believed to be Mujuru's 'disciple' instantly becomes a Herald's enemy. A perfect example is former Zanu PF Secretary for Administration, Cde Didymus Mutasa who was also Presidential Affairs Ministers before being fired by his 90-year-old boss.

The Herald has published a great number of articles attacking Mutasa and when the newspaper runs out of stories to write about Mutasa, they would at times publish falsehoods, just to further tarnish his reputation.

A perfect example is when The Herald wrote an article whose headline read "Mutasa sneaks back into the country".

The first paragraph of the article was as follows:

"Former Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa, who was for the past month in India where his wife was undergoing treatment, is reportedly back in the country. Cde Mutasa, smarting from his failure to make it into the Zanu-PF Central Committee which ruled him out of appointment to the Politburo, has been making unprecedented moves among them requesting Sadc chaired by President Mugabe to nullify the just-ended and highly subscribed 6th National People’s Congress. He was making these frantic efforts while he was away.

"Sources told The Herald that Cde Mutasa was spotted at his home in Rusape with some Zanu-PF provincial members aligned to him paying homage at his house on Christmas Eve. Some of his allies who went to see him are provincial members from his constituency, among them Cdes Tedious Choka, Christine Murembeve who also doubles up as his constituency secretary. Also present was Colonel (Rtd) Topira Mutasa, his nephew."

Mutasa, however, in an interview with private media whom he now speaks to after he realised that the State media was only after distorting his words and tarnishing his reputation, reiterated that he was still in India where his wife is undergoing some treatment.

“I don’t know why they publish lies. They should have phoned me. I just laugh at them, you cannot be angry with them. That is their style of work. We are still in hospital, we can’t just pack our bags and leave the hospital. I will be home probably next week,” he said.

After some State investigations, it was revealed that former the former Zanu PF senior official was indeed still in India and Permanent Secretary in the Information, Media and Publicity ministry, Cde George Charamba, who is also President Mugabe's spokesperson reportedly had no kind words for The Herald. It is reported that he demanded a public apology within the shorted possible time after he confirmed that Mutasa was still in India.

"The system would have been aware of his home-coming and it is clear that he is still out. The Herald is a paper of record. It should stay above little agendas that will attack its own credibility," part of Cde Charamba's scathing blast to his newspaper read.

Interestingly, the paper apologised to their readers and not to Mutasa whom they have undoubtedly defamed as an 'evil' person.

"In The Herald of December 27 we erroneously published a story on our front page that said former zanu-pf secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa, who has been India over the past month, had reportedly come back into the country. It has since been established that he is still in India where his wife is undergoing treatment,contrary to claims by our sources that they had seen him at his Rusape homestead on Christmas Eve. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted." reads the purported 'apology'.

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