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Police have released the names of people who died when the vehicle they were travelling in was swept away by heavy floods at Ngwazani River bridge near Kadoma.

Police have confirmed the deaths and said the  bodies were recovered today  inside the vehicle about 150 metres from the bridge.
The dead are: the driver of the vehicle, Nomatter Ndodo,  his wife Magneta Musariri, their 2-year-old son Tawananyasha Ndodo, Edes Musariri (31), her 9-year old son, Benedict Mhande, her 4-year old daughter Catherine Mhande, her 20 month old son Chris Mhande and an adult man from Ngezi, Ngonidzashe Gavi.

In a statement Senior Assistant Police Commissioner Charity Charamba said the driver of the vehicle did not take heed to other motorists who had warned him not to cross the flooded bridge.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charamba said in the Chikuti Mining area in Mashonaland West, at Two Tree bridge along Angwa River, 20 people were marooned and two were swept away after they hung on tree branches and their bodies have not yet been recovered.

In Gudubu area in Mhangura, several houses were swept away by the heavy floods yesterday.

Police have warned all motorists, and people travelling on foot, on bicycles and scotch carts not to cross flooded rivers.

They also warned people in low lying areas to move the higher ground to avoid floods.

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