Haulage truck drowns as driver tries crossing flooded river (WATCH VIDEO) As the nation experiences heavy rains in different parts of the country, flooded rivers have robbed families of their loved ones. My Zimbabwe News has received a video showing a haulage truck driver who could not afford to wait for hours before crossing a flooded river.

The unidentified driver proceeded with crossing the flooded river but because the road and the bridge had all been submerged in water, he died on the spot after the heavy vehicle failed to negotiate the flooded bridge and drove into the river before drowning completely as onlookers watch in horror. You can watch the video at the end of this article.

Meanwhile, over 10 people have lost their lives in different parts of the country after drowning in rivers flooded due to the incessant rains. The Civil Protection Unit (CPU) was yesterday battling to rescue scores of people marooned in the Mbire area of Mashonaland Central.

A spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) which has partnered the CPU in its rescue efforts, Mr Takemore Mazuruse, yesterday said the rains had claimed lives in Mashonaland West and Manicaland provinces.

"Following the incessant rains, floods have hit many parts of the country claiming 10 lives in Mashonaland West province and a six-year-old girl in Manicaland Province," he said.

Mazuruse said ZRCS was calling on well-wishers to donate food and other relief items for the victims. He said alerts from ZRCS provincial structures indicated varying rains induced emergencies with affected areas in dire need of humanitarian intervention in several parts of the country including Mbire, Mukumbura, Muzarabani and Zvimba where water levels were rising.

CPU director Madzudzo Pawadyira said some people who had been marooned in Muzarabani have since been rescued.

"The floods in Muzarabani are subsiding and we are hoping the trend goes on like that in all other areas. The people who were marooned by the floods have since been rescued. I don't have the figure at hand, but yesterday there were about seven people," Pawadyira said.

He said his team was yesterday afternoon still trying to rescue other people in Mbire area.

"A number of people are trapped and we are trying to rescue them. A school in Mbire was also affected by the floods, computers and some furniture had to be rescued by teachers and some students. In Mashumbi Pools, two people were trapped and our team was still having difficulty rescuing them, they are still trying to rescue them as we speak," he said.

Pawadyira said eight of the deceased people had their bodies recovered and taken to a mortuary in Selous in Mashonaland West, with Hurungwe and Lion's Den also having been engulfed by water.

He said the Harare Chirundu Highway had also been affected by the floods resulting in vehicles getting stranded for several hours.

"There was also problem on the highway to Chirundu as it had been breached by water, vehicles could not go through, but it has since subsided and the vehicles are now able to do so."



Hacha Ndizvo Dr
0#Hacha Ndizvo Dr2015-01-05 12:48
The fault rests squarely with Mugabe.
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+1#selele2015-01-05 12:53
Quoting Hacha Ndizvo Dr:
The fault rests squarely with Mugabe.

hongu. lawlessness, bad roads, desperation etc..
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0#mynameis2015-01-06 04:01
veduwe VaMugabe munovanyanyira :lol:
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Iris jachris
0#Iris jachris2015-01-05 13:45
You know what, dont blame the driver for bring impatient. Rather blame the Transport and Infrastructure ministry for all these terrible incidents. If the government was providing better services and infrastructure development for its nation, these problems won't be there. Those organisations full of oneness or greed will perceive the driver was wrong since their understanding lacks a lot on whtat their government must provide for its people. If roads and bridges where properly done then businesses would run perfectly without worrying about floods but driving for business. Most accidents happening in roads are blamed for negligence driving while its not like that but poor roads.
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0#lind2015-01-05 16:53
when mugabe goes u will see
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0#mynameis2015-01-06 04:03
You will be suprised kuti muchamusuwa
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+1#mindful-observer2015-01-05 17:24
Hello good people I do not think the motorists are soley to blame for this probably some like this one were trying to be on time so that they don't get retrenched as companies r shutting down or going smaller to save costs and we all know where our problem is zimbabwe is we went too far east instead of west now the westerners now in our face kubva nguva iya yekutorerwa mafarms kwevarungu everything in zimbabwe has been going to the asians they literary own zimbabwe nowadays pamaroads we are using chinese engineering asi maitalian ndiwo akagadzira road dzedu n they lasted how long??????? Nowadays road after six months dzinenge dzaakuda serious rebuilding n after these floods it will be better to scrap them all of nekuti it won't make a difference than kuva mudust road when westerners used to invest or visit zimbabwe haiwa we were the jewel of africa asi evr since the empowerment of china toosekwa nevanhu vose machinese akauya for tourism purposes they don't spend but make sure kut they have left us even worse whereas one european spends more than 12 asians pamacompany machina now have all the mines the italians tried but to no avail ende futi mari yese nemaminerals u don't see anything happening
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+1#chigaGAGA!2015-01-05 17:52
Imi ka musanyepere vanhu ne video yenyu iyi. That is the rajegaon river in india after the sept 2014 monsoon. Zvakaoma. :zzz :zzz
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0#tambaoga2015-01-05 20:29
Kutorwa nemvura hazvina Mugabe mukati apa apinda papi
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0#ndashayisheyi2015-01-05 21:41
taura hako tambaoga the President might have his own shortcomings yes but in this case apinda papi , maida kuti auye kuzokurakidza kuti rwizi rwakazara Mira , iwe sa driver kuti hauone.
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0#mynameis2015-01-06 04:04
This is scary
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J Jongwe
0#J Jongwe2015-01-06 07:47
This video was taken in Limpopo,in Lephalale where Eskom is building Medupi Power Station
was there when this happened.The driver di not die.He was rescued by the community
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J Jongwe
0#J Jongwe2015-01-06 07:55
this happened in Limpopo..Lephal ale to be exact.The driver was rescued by the community..he didnt die
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