Powertel, a subsidiary of state owned power company, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) Holdings, has been unveiled as the southern African country's fourth mobile network service.

Currently, Zimbabwe, with a population of 13 million people, has three operating mobile phone and internet service providers. They include the pan-African giant Econet Wireless, Telecel and Netone.

"This has always been Powertel's objective to offer total telecommunications solutions to Zimbabwe and Africa at large," said Powertel's marketing manager, Prosper Mutswiri.

Stoking competition.

According to Potraz's latest data, Econet Wireless has 8,5 million subscribers, Telecel 2,54 million users and state-owned NetOne 2,45 million subscribers, meaning the entire population is roughly accounted for the current operators.

However Powertel is now set to further stoke competition within a relatively small market by becoming its fourth player. This was made possible after it was granted a converged telecommunications licence by the regulatory body, Posts and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (Potraz), to provide both voice and internet services in Zimbabwe.

"To keep up with competition, you also need to be innovative hence we are not diversifying as such but we are moving fast to fulfil the set objectives of the business as outlined on its formation," added Mutswiri. - ventures africa


nyambo kapararidze
-2#nyambo kapararidze2015-01-08 09:04
ka1 manje
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0#muzimbo2015-01-08 09:06
magetsi aripi akomana? isn't it the reason for ZESA to be there?
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Mambo Chief
+4#Mambo Chief2015-01-08 10:33
Tsveee kutigadzirira magetsi kwamusina competition takarasima nema services atiri kupiwa kare nemamwe ma companies. Tiri kuda magetsi zve internet nema foni tiri bho.
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+2#selele2015-01-08 10:56
PowerTel and NetOne both owned by a non-performing government. And you think Strive calls that competition?
The only way these failures can clip Econet's wings is through legislation, socialist-type price controls and evil demonisation.

This is a product of a Zanu-PF soiled imagination. Too much talk about nothings at ZimArs@.
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0#gridza2015-01-08 12:28
zvamagetsi mapedza ere ana donkie
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elias gurure
-1#elias gurure2015-01-08 12:36
The government is a bit disorganized here. It already has Net one struggling what then is the rational of introducing another state player in the voice area. What this essentially means is that it will end up cannibalizing the little market share that is left of Net one.
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+1#selele2015-01-08 13:36
Quoting elias gurure:
The government is a bit disorganized here. ....

What an understatement! !
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+1#banga2015-01-08 13:32
hapana nyaya apa, zanu izanu chete, nyangopfekedza sutu yechitariana izanu chete!!
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# first name T.R.U
0## first name T.R.U2015-01-08 14:12
why not focus on the electricity crisis first kwete kuda zvinhu
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+1#mindful-observer2015-01-08 22:46
Sekuru gudo vanodzoka riinhi?????
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0#selele2015-01-08 23:43
Quoting mindful-observer:
Sekuru gudo vanodzoka riinhi?????

Unoreva gudo ripi? Gudo segudo here kana kuti Sekuru gudo?
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0#grace2015-01-09 11:23
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