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A prostitute was thoroughly beaten and forced to walk naked through the streets after being caught with a married man in Seke.

Darlington "Dread" Kodzwa, 26, of Chitsvatsva Village took advantage of his wife Nyasha Masunda's absence to accommodate a thigh vendor he had picked up at Ziko Shopping Centre in their matrimonial bedroom. Nyasha had attended an all-night prayer at Nazareen Christ Church.

The lady of the night who hails  from Dema, who identified herself as Loveness Mandishora Mapiye, 25, was thoroughly bashed by Nyasha together with other villagers leading to Nyasha's arrest for assault.

When reporters arrived Loveness was being led by villagers to a police base located near Ziko Shopping Centre naked as they called her names.

"It is better to kill me than forcing me to move around naked like this," Loveness was heard saying as the crowd swelled.

Loveness said Darlington decided to take her to his house after they were caught by patrolling police officers making out in his parked car at Ziko Shopping Centre.

"Dread met me at Ziko Shopping Centre and we had a quickie in his car near the shops before police officers confronted us and he decided to take me to his house saying he was a divorcee," said Loveness.

"I was so drunk that I failed to discover that there were some women's clothes in his bedroom and we had sex before we retired to bed. Tazokotsirisa kusvika mudzimai wake auya ndikavigwa pasi pemubhedha. Villagers assaulted me, led by Dread's wife and my clothes were torn including my knickers," said Loveness.

Nyasha said Darlington never felt remorse but escaped from the scene to his parent's house where he threatened to commit suicide by crushing his car on walls.

"It pains me much that it is not the first time to see my husband cheating on me with women, whores for that matter, and I do not know what drives him to go for whores," said Nyasha.

"He dropped me at our church at 8pm and I am sure that is the time he visited Ziko where he met this lady of the night. I knocked the door at 6am and they were all asleep and this lady of the night hid under the bed naked; I do not know between the two who urinated on my matrimonial bed and the whole room was stinking. Ndangonyumwa ndikatarisa pasi pemubhedha and I saw her naked with piercing eyes peeping and I quickly pulled her by her braids and disciplined her zvebasa chaizvo.

"Lodges are there at Ziko but they decided to defile my bed and I am going to burn everything they used and what pains me much is that I never discovered any used or unused condoms. I only discovered a bucket with urine and Darlington haakure many times I meet him accompanied by different women. I called his parents and they told me that he was threatening to commit suicide by driving his car against the wall," said Nyasha.

Nyasha was arrested and released awaiting a medical report after Loveness was taken to the hospital following the bashing she suffered under the villagers and the former.

Our news crew failed to locate Darlington who was reported to have been taken to Dema police Station for counselling after a report was made about his threats to commit suicide.

His mobile phone was unreachable by the time of going to print.

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