THE Extra Large and Madiz New Year’s Eve show in Coventry, United Kingdom, must rank as possibly the biggest flop in the music industry. The show, held at the Platinum Club in the West Midlands town, attracted two paying fans, read that again – two paying fans. And the duo left before the show started as they were put off by the no-show of fellow revellers. The two fans left shortly after the change of clocks into the New Year leaving the Zimbabwean musicians to perform for 13 fans who had gained free entry for varying reasons.

The 13 comprised of three members of Marrie-Jernie Media, a production house that had been contracted by Madiz for a live video recording, two other media personel who were recording proceedings with a camcorder, the promoter, his wife and four friends, the DJ and the bar lady who, probably had never been so idle on a New Year’s eve.

The same could be said for the security guard manning the door who must have had the easiest shift on what is supposed to be their busiest night of the year.

The show started about half an hour into the new year when Madiz, real name Itai Madzikura, took to the stage to perform for a virtually empty dance floor. The "Kazevezeve" hitmaker was however not perturbed by the lack of a crowd and went on to perform as though he was in front of a packed auditorium and had the cheek to point the microphone to the "crowd" asking, "Muriko here uko?"

The Rhumba musician left the stage following 20 minutes of a hearty performance spiced with energetic dance moves. The Extra Large pair of Norman and Jimmy then took to the stage and also dished out a dose of their new and old tunes that included their signature "Uri Roja" tune and the new "Tinodzidhonza Ndandi".

Madiz later joined the pair on stage for a collabo.

The musicians, however, need to be commended for a high degree of professionalism as it seemed unfathomable for artistes to travel from Zimbabwe to perform in an empty venue. They had previously performed in Luton and went on the perform in Sheffield in poorly attended shows as well.

But the Coventry gig, reportedly took the cup as probably the industry’s biggest flop. The tour might have been a disaster for the musicians but Madiz was certainly a big winner. Madiz’s close ally based in the United Kingdom, Jotham Kasinganeti – through his Cunningham Productions entertainment house, sponsored the shooting of what promises to be a hit video for the Gweru-born musician’s big tune featuring Enock "Nox" Guni, "Anondispaka Baby".

Judging from the teaser uploaded on YouTube this week, the video looks like one of a high quality.

"We have been in the video making industry for a couple of years but on the Madiz video we have shown we have come of age and are ready to take on the international stage. This video will be at par with any international video. The beauty of this video is not only in the quality to the eye but also the ingenuity and creativity which has become the hall mark of our success," said a spokesman of the production company.



+1#masese2015-01-15 06:24
yo live shows anobhowa akazara chikudo
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+1#nobz2015-01-15 07:22
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Hacha Ndizvo Dr
+1#Hacha Ndizvo Dr2015-01-15 09:53
Who are they again?
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+1#selele2015-01-15 17:38
fambai nenguva vapfana. UK is not Zimbabwe kunokokwa vanhu neradio.
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Mwana waGushungo
-1#Mwana waGushungo2015-01-15 21:00
Zimbabweans at their best . Hamudi kupanana support . Mukasasimudza vamwe venyu no one else will . Very sorry vakomana , at least you tried to raise the Zim flag high
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+2#banga2015-01-15 22:33
zim-dancehall iRABISHI
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0#Steve2015-01-17 21:10
The organisers did not think it through properly.
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Taku Pasi
0#Taku Pasi2015-01-19 03:31
What a load of rubbish this reporter seems to be living in a world of oblivion but then again what would one expect from hungry peanuts paid reporters get your facts right some of us were there and you've told lies and a bit of truth get your facts right....
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