A SENIOR Prisons officer is in trouble after labelling First Lady Grace Mugabe a dog.

Superintendent Rueben Zimondi, who is in charge of the prisons' farm in Mutare, has appeared before an internal disciplinary committee led by Assistant Commissioner Nelson Chikwature on three occasions this week facing charges of labelling Grace "a dog" and accusing her of causing all current problems rocking the Zanu PF boat.

It is not clear whether Cde Zimondi is related to ZPCS Commissioner-General Retired Major General Paradzai Zimondi.

His case of contravening section 3 (46) of the Prisons Staff Disciplinary Regulations 1984 reads: "Being guilty of any other act, conduct, disorder or neglect of duty to prejudice of good order and discipline" and was filed under charge sheet number 2921911P.

The charge sheet states that being a member of the service, Cde Zimondi did wrongfully and unlawfully utter derogatory words against First Lady Grace Mugabe, saying all problems being experienced in Zanu PF had been caused by President Robert Mugabe's wife.

Cde Zimondi is alleged to have uttered the remarks on December 5 last year at Mutare Prison Farm in the company of some of officers and civilians while watching a television programme where Speaker of the House of Assembly Jacob Mudenda was addressing delegates at the Zanu PF congress about the alleged plot to assassinate Mugabe.

Zimondi's colleagues later reported him to his superiors, culminating in the ongoing disciplinary hearings.

His lawyer Ashel Mutungura was not available for comment yesterday, but sources said the hearings were ending today.



+3#selele2015-01-15 11:00
Imi Zimondi, munhu uyu haisi imbwa. Murikurasika papi? Inongoriwo pfambi yakazviwanira dhara rayo and is now living pretty. Or is it that you translated bitc*h literary?
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+1#Muchadura2015-01-15 12:32
Grace imbwa, hure, pfambi, joki rakonzeresa nyonga nyonga mubato redu ratakabva naro kure reZanu Pf
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+2#selele2015-01-15 13:08
Quoting Muchadura:
Grace imbwa, hure, pfambi, joki rakonzeresa nyonga nyonga mubato redu ratakabva naro kure reZanu Pf

Muchadura naye Gire :lol: :lol: Muchati skwiti-mvori.
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Mwana waGushungo
-1#Mwana waGushungo2015-01-16 02:51
:-| :-| :-| Kunyarara kunokunda kutaura dzimwe nguva
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0#silva2015-01-19 10:38
this is very strange, i thought mhosva yekutuka president nemhuri yavo inongowanikwa chete kuvanhu
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