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Minister Simon Kundai Musanhu mysteriously dies after being accused of working with Joice Mujuru The Deputy Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Simon Kundai Musanhu has died.

He was born on 21 September 1967. Musanhu attended St Augustine's Penhalonga a famous mission school located in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe. He also attended the University of Zimbabwe where he studied civil engineering.

Musanhu was married to Emma and was said to be related to the ZANU PF former Secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa who was ousted from both party and government in December 2014 at the height of factional fights.

Musanhu is said to have collapsed and died yesterday at his home Harare. Initially there were reports that he had died at his private office in Belgravia, but the reports have since been corrected.

Cde Musanhu was appointed deputy minister in September 2013 in a Cabinet announced by President Mugabe.

Engineer Musanhu  who was the Hwedza North Member of Parliament was three weeks ago implicated by the State-owned Sunday Mail via what the government-controlled newspaper regarded as a leaked tape in which his campaign manager makes disclosures on how they would prop up Dr Mujuru, while also denigrating Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga.

The Sunday Mail further claimed that it is in possession of calendars of Eng Musanhu and Dr Mujuru, which display the two prominently but do not feature the President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF.

Contacted for comment just before his seemingly mysterious death, Minister Musanhu said he had sensed dirty politics coming his way. He singled-out Hwedza South MP Eng Michael Madanha.

"(Eng Michael) Madanha thinks that if I am removed from Government he will get the position (of deputy minister). I serve my constituency; I work for the people and I don’t play dirty politics," he said.

Minister Musanhu was related to equally troubled former Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa, who stands accused of driving the anti-President Mugabe plot and was subsequently fired by President Mugabe. Cde Mutasa is an uncle of Eng Musanhu's wife.

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Dirty Politics aside, Minister Simon Kundai Musanhu Musanhu attended St Augustine's Penhalonga, a famous mission school located in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe.  He was an Infrastructure Development Specialist, Engineering Consultant and Businessman with over 20 years of professional experience with local and international engineering firms.

Minister Musanhu, an Engineer by profession, had specialized experience in project design, resource mobilisation, feasibility studies, project structuring and contract administration. He was considered a recognised expert within the field of Engineering Project Management and under his leadership, SDP Africa has grown to be one of Zimbabwe’s established consulting firms with offices in Botswana and South Africa.

He was Non executive director of MMCZ Board of directors where he chaired the Audit and Risk Committee.

He was also a Non executive director in the National Economic Empowerment and Indigenisation Board (NIEEB) where he chaired the Audit and Compliance Committee as well as the Sector Committee on Engineering & Construction.

Minister Musanhu was a Non executive Chairman in the  Mineral Development Pvt. Ltd. Board of Directors t/a Elvington Gold Mine, a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Mineral Development Corporation (ZMDC).

The Hwedza North MP was also a Non executive Chairman of the Shanghai Jinchuan Zimbabwe Corporation board, a mining joint venture Company with SJ Corporation of Shanghai, China.

He was also the owner of Craster Chickens (pvt) Ltd that has been operating in Southerton, Harare.

And as we have already stated before, he was a member of parliament for Hwedza North constituency as well as deputy minister of Environment, Water and Climate.

Musanhu torched the storm in September 2014 when he publicly announced that the government was going to tax households which had drilled boreholes. He is alleged to have announced that he was in full support of borehole taxation by billing underground water consumption, which he said depleted the water table. His remarks attracted debate since the general public expected the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) to issue an official statement regarding the issue.

The Sunday Mail reported that the late Dep minister was in constant contact with an unpopular American spy Eric Little who was also the key architect in the Zanu-PF Dirty Dozen scandal in 2014. This raised suspicion that Musanhu was closed linked to the controversial politician Ray Kaukonde who also faced his fate in national politics. During the same period, party supporters demonstrated against Musanhu and called for the his dismissal from the party. He was accused of being part of the group that was financing the Mujuru faction to topple president Mugabe from power. - My Zimbabwe News

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