A proud 'kadora' beholder who was publicly humiliated by his estranged second wife, Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako for allegedly failing to sexually satisfy her every single day is now swimming in dirty waters after a warrant of arrest has been issued against him. So damning was the claim that industrial workers are often heard buying sadza and madora during lunch saying: 'mother ndipeiwo sadza namacheso zvedhora'.

Macheso, who is still recovering from the embarrassment he endured after his daughter Sharon Macheso's marriage crumbled only 2 months after wedding, must be wondering why his ancestors have turned their backs on him. Had it not been for Macheso, his daughter would not be a celebrity and news that Sharon allegedly infected her husband with a sexually transmitted infection would not have been a big deal.

The sungura musician, who last year once grabbed headlines for keeping 20 dogs at his Waterfalls house as a suspected security measure, is still doubting if he is the real father of Tafadzwa's two children. However, Macheso was ordered by the court to part with a whooping US$750 per month for the upkeep of the two children whose father, according to the musician, is someone else who was sexually feasting on his second wife!

Macheso was supposed to pay maintenance by the 31st of October but had not done so by last night-two weeks after the due date.

This reporter saw the warrant for his arrest and Tafadzwa's bank statement which proves that the money has not been deposited since October. The case was reported at Waterfalls Police Station under case RRB 2272565.

The warrant stated that Macheso defaulted in paying maintenance, school fees,uniforms and casual clothes-which is a criminal offence in terms of section  23 of Maintenance Act Chapter 5:09.

Macheso recently applied for downward variation from the US$750 that he was ordered by the Harare Magistrates court to pay since the 15th of May this year. The case is due to be heard in court on Monday.
The revered guitarist stated that business is low in the music industry and he is not earning enough to afford the US$750.

The musician however did not bother to hide the truth that he is now broke when he applied for a downward variation of the maintenance, arguing that he is no longer able to make much income nowadays due to economic hardships the nation is facing, thereby affecting the number of people who attend his shows.

Macheso is now in arrears of US$750 and will be arrested if he does not pay the said amount. Since May 31, when Macheso paid US$1,030 into Tafadzwa's account, he had loyally paid the US$750 at the end of every month until September 30.

Now he is on the Police's wanted list after failing to pay by October 30 and for two weeks thereafter.

The Macheso family has been regulars at the courts with daughter Sharon just recently winning a domestic violence court case against hubby Kuda Munetsi.

Sharon has since filed for divorce and is demanding US$400 maintenance while Macheso will seek a downward variation in court on Monday.

Efforts to contact both Macheso and Tafadzwa were in vain by the time of publishing.

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