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Zimbabwe police officers thoroughly beat up zimbabwe policemen over $15 bribe Two Harare police officers accused of criminal abuse of duty after they unlawfully processed finger prints vetting for a city woman for $15 appeared in court on Thursday.

Lovemore Mlambo (25) and Thethelela Mavinga (37), stationed at Morris Depot police camp, appeared before magistrate Milton Serima.

The duo’s lawyer, Tawanda Takaendesa, filed complaints against the police saying Mlambo was thoroughly beaten up by CID homicide police detectives while being interrogated. Takaendesa told the magistrate the unidentified police officers used baton sticks and fists in the alleged torture.

Prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that on Tuesday Mlambo, who was not on duty, met Zivanai Chagwambare at Morris depot, Chinamano entrance. Chagwambare, a government security agent, wanted to have finger prints for his relative vetted at the police headquarters.

The court heard that, instead of directing Chagwambare to the CID headquarters where the process is done, Mlambo advised the former to pay $10 so he could process the documents.

He allegedly told Chagwambare that the process would, however, be faster upon payment of $15. Chagwambare agreed and went on to pay the required sum of money to Mlambo for the documents to be processed on the day.

After the deal, Mlambo promised to give Chagwambare receipts at a later stage and then handed over the documents to Mavinga for vetting.

Chagwambare became suspicious and subsequently alerted police authorities on the unscrupulous transaction, leading to the arrest of the pair.  They are out of custody on $20 bail and will be back in court on February 12.

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