Journalist Itai Dzamara managed to have about 500 signatures for his protest to oust President Mugabe.

Now he is hitting the road to launch his protest in Bulawayo. Many have applauded Dzamara's bravery but few have joined in his group's protest.

"The whole nation agrees with our demands for the Mugabe regime to admit failure, step down and pave way for a new national plan of rescuing the country. We have had the calls for us to take our mission to all corners of the country. We have been inspired and encouraged by the spirit shown by many Zimbabweans to embrace our plan and agenda of protests as a way of pushing for our demands."

"Yes, we are coming to launch in Bulawayo, the plan and mission of civil, peaceful and resolute action in demanding that the failed Mugabe government must step down and pave way for a new national plan involving all national stakeholders. KwaBulawayo, the City of Kings, brace for the the launch on Thursday. Brace for action, which, like we have been doing in Harare, has enough impact to make the authorities respond. It is our constitutional rights to stand up and protests through civil, peaceful and resolute means," he said.

Dzamara seems to have completed nursing his wound after he was brutally assaulted by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in public two weeks ago. The assault was carried out at the Africa Unity Square in Harare where Dzamara has been leading seat in protests demanding President Robert Mugabe to come and give a reply to a letter delivered to his secretary demanding the president to step down.

Eye witnesses claim that the police only stopped beating the protesters when Dzamara lost consciousness due to the heavy beatings targeted at his head and shoulders. He was then hospitalised thereafter, but even during his hospital stint, the former Zimbabwe Independent journalist vowed to continue lobbying for Mugabe's resignation.

Dzamara took the nation by storm when he proved his extreme bravery by hand-delivering a letter to President Mugabe's office, asking him to step down.

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