A VICTORIA Falls man who is facing a rape charge shocked the court on Wednesday when he denied raping his teenage neighbour claiming that she walked in on him while masturbating, busy with his one hand enjoying "safe sex" which My Zimbabwe Newsd crew usually call "ndega ndonaka".

He further claimed that while pleasuring himself with his on hand, the rape-accused allegedly inappropriately touched the young girl before ejaculating on her in the process. Justice Ncube from Mkhosana appeared in court for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl in the bathroom.

"Your worship, I did not have sexual intercourse with the complainant whether consensual or otherwise. The complainant entered the bathroom where I was masturbating and I grabbed her inappropriately and in the process ejaculated onto her skirt," said Ncube through his lawyer Givemore Muvhiringi.

It is alleged by the State led by Mr Tawanda Sigauke that on 28 November last year at around 10am, the teen was in the bathroom where she was bathing when Ncube locked the main door.

After bathing the complainant discovered that the main door was locked before Ncube appeared from his room stark naked, after hearing some noise. He grabbed her and pulled her to his room where he pushed her onto the bed before raping her once. The court heard that the teenager's screams for help were were in vain as Ncube continued on his quest.

After the act it is further alleged that Ncube went on to dress while the complainant told him that she was going to tell her mother but he remained silent before leaving the room. The complainant took a bath, washed her underwear and skirt before going to her mother's workplace where she reported the matter who in turn accompanied her to the police.

Ncube was granted bail in the sum of $400 when he appeared before Regional magistrate for the Western Region Mrs Dambudzo Malunga. The trial continues on 29 January.



+3 # Mobby2 2015-01-29 09:13
Young girls should be taught not to destroy any evidence after being raped.
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O.T .
+1 # O.T . 2015-01-29 09:47
Mobby 2 I agree evidence shld nt b destroyed bt in ths case it aint necessary cz the accused is nt denying ejaculating on the girls skirts. obviously since she wz bathing or had finished bathing she wz nt putting on the pants. The Doctors shld hv quickly attended to her and see if there wz penetration or any pubic hair from the male.
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