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Charismatic leader of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries Prophet Walter Magaya will this week on 1 February 2015 unveil his new 'Anointing oil' with resurrection power, fruitfulness, multiplication and dominion power.

In an advert with a local tabloid, Prophet Magaya will hold his Big Sunday Family Sunday bash at The Blue Shade, opposite Zindoga Shops in Waterfalls, Harare. On that day, the youthful prophet said he will distribute his new anointing oil for free to members of the public. The small bottle of the much-needed anointing oil, usually is sold by PHD ministries at a cost of US$10 per each bottle, but on the Big Sunday the church will be dishing out its anointing oil for free.

What's more exciting and interesting is the advert flighted by PHD Ministries which alleges that the new anointing oil has powers of resurrecting people from their deathbeds.

Last year, there were reports that over 2 000 bottles of anointing oil are distributed on a daily basis by Prophet Walter Magaya's Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries.

The church administrator Talent Mango was quoted saying, "Anointing oil represents the Holy Spirit and the power of God."

Mango said the church procures ordinary olive oil in the country and then "bless" it to give it the anointing power.

"Everything to do with the church is done here at the church, it is us who package the oil into bottles and this development is meant to cut the cost as it is distributed freely."

Mango confirmed that the anointing oil from Magaya of late had hit the black market where it was being sold for relatively higher and negotiated price.

"Buying the anointed oil from black market is not encouraged as it is tantamount to underrate and spoil God's working. People should collect anointing oil from PHD Ministries because the voice which speaks behind it is the one that gives the difference. Our anointing oil resurrects people from deathbeds in hospitals, restores marriages and gives children to barren ones among other miracles," said Mango.

Senior church officials also said anointing oil unlocks all the doors of impossibilities in one's life.

"Anointing oil is a physical symbol of God's healing and deliverance power. It is a point of contact in spiritual warfare and is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It protects from deadly dangers and traps, and it does the cleansing and purification.

"The anointing oil destroys or breaks the bondage, burden and oppression caused by the devil hence the anointing oil breaks all the yokes the devil is using to steal the promise God made to us, that of having dominion over earth and being seated in the heavenly places.

"In PHD Ministries, the oil is one of the major anointed mantles of the ministry that has brought thousands of testimonies," they said adding anointing oil is used to heal, sanctify, impart and provoke divine intervention. One needs to thank God for His goodness and grace all the time before using the anointing oil.

"Then one needs to apply the oil on all affected parts of the body, for instance your forehead, head and eyes among others. You can also apply it on any affected parts of your life for example documents, business wares among many others," they said.

Of late Zimbabweans are flocking to PHD Ministries in Harare where they jostle for the "precious oil" which make miracles in people's lives.

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