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Man in trouble after being caught having short time sex for $3 with prostitute (PHOTOS) Two self-co0nfessed prostitutes residing at Trekkerel Court along Central Avenue have been arrested for extorting money from clients.

The two thigh vendors - only identified as Maud and Melisa - were taken to Harare Central Police Station after passers-by lodged a police report upon seeing one sex buyer receiving a thorough beating at the hands of the adultery engineers.

Sources said Maud had agreed with her client for US$10 fee for an afternoon quickie but she then shifted goalposts and demanded a whooping US$200 after she offered the client oral sex.

According to the report, all hell broke loose after the unidentified commercial sex buyer failed to raise the large amount, which prompted Maud to team up with other prostitutes who took turns to beat the sh!t out of the client until he managed to raise a staggering US$140 for having sex with a prostitute's mouth!

One of the thigh vendors, only identified as Natasha, is said to be on the run after she allegedly stole US$2,300 from her client who was drunk but wanted to have hot sex with her.

One of the sympathisers, who had visited the place to buy food, called police and the three prostitutes were taken to Fife Avenue police base. Maud and her client were later taken to Harare Central Police Station where the bashed client refused to open a docket against Maud, supposedly to avoid exposing his evil acts of buying sex from prostitutes.

Man in trouble after being caught having short time sex for $3 with prostitute (PHOTOS)Maud (PICTURED) confirmed the incident saying it was part of their trade as she was intending to raise money to look after her kids. Interestingly, the elderly prostitute threatened to visit a sangoma and bewitch this writer should the story see the light of the day.

"Ukaona munhu avakuita zvechipfambi upenyu hunenge hwamuomera and that is where I am getting money to look after my children. My client is not the one who called police here but someone who was loitering is the one who foolishly decided to let them come here," she said.

"Why are you (news writers) always after prostitutes? You once published claims that I had used charms to bewitch Noku (another prostitute) who was later treated of a mental case. If you publish that story I am going to visit my sangoma based in Mozambique so that you go mad since you are always after our source of income," claimed the prostitute who 'collects' her own lobola from various men every night.

"Varume vacho vanenge vadaidzwa here kana kuti ndivo vanouya vega? Manje akauya nemari hapana inodzokera kwayabva. Tinoitora yese, akaita zvenharo tinomudira mafuta anopisa pano," she added.

Melisa also confirmed the incident saying it was now water under the bridge.

"I thought you came here for a new story since that happened yesterday and it is now water under the bridge. We had agreed on US$10 for a short time but zvandakazomuitira zvacho hazvisi zvemari iyoyo saka takanetsana. We are here to money and nothing else so if they visit here, we are not going to be used for nothing since it is not easy to have many clients as it involves my backbone," she said.

Zimra would be interested to learn how much prostitutes are making in Zimbabwe and not even a cent out of it is taxed.

"On a good day during month end I can cash in US$150 per day and it can be more if the client wants oral sex and big clients can pay as much as US$50 for a quickie. Sometimes I can accommodate three or two clients in one room if they are friends like police recruits and school children. Iye nhasi vatambira, saka vanouya chete vasati vavharirwa kuma 5pm so I have to take advantage of that before patrolling officers terrorise us in the evening," she said.

Other prostitutes who were said to have joined in beating the living hell out of Maud's client include one Yeukai and Fortunate but they both denied the allegations saying they were in their rooms when the incident took place.

Sources at the place said Maud is well connected to several sangomas who give her charms to lure clients. They alleged that the sangoma made sure that police do not arrest her.

"Pakaipa, vasikana vese vepa Trekkerel vanobheja kuti havasungwe nekuda kwa Maud anoziva mishonga inounza varume nekuvapusisa," said a source.

Trekkerel court accommodates decent families apart from the prostitutes who dominate the place and most of the men who visit the place get there disguising as if they would be coming for food that is sold in one of the apartments.

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