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A Mberengwa cheating businessman tried to kill himself after he caught his wife in bed with his girlfriend’s brother.

The businessman reportedly attempted suicide by drinking cyanide. The incident happened last Saturday and the businessman, who later recuperated at Mberengwa Hospital operates at Neta Business Centre.

The heartbroken businessman who was also cheating on his wife with a girlfriend caught his wife busy like a rabbit between the sheets after a tip off from his girlfriend that his wife was having an extra marital affair with her brother (his tsano).

After being busted, the wife reportedly showed no signs of remorse when she allegedly begged for another session from her boyfriend in the presence of her husband as punishment for sexually starving her.

The wife accused her husband of disturbing her as she was having the best sex of her life.

“For a two-timing man I think it was a bad turn which deserves another when he found his wife in bed with his girlfriend’s brother. From the look of things, it was the small house who tipped him that his wife was going out with her brother.

“The move was probably meant to have him divorce his wife so that she could move in with him as the two are madly in love. After being tipped of his wife’s illicit relationship he quickly rushed home. Upon arrival he could not believe his eyes when he found the lovebirds busy making love on their matrimonial bed.

“In a bid to probably fix her philandering husband, she asked her boyfriend to have another session in the presence of the businessman claiming that he was sexually starving her. This did not go down well with the businessman who quickly took cyanide in a bid to kill himself,” said a source who chose to remain anonymous.

The source further said after the embarrassing incident, the businessman was no longer a common sight at the business centre as his younger brother was now running the show.

After allegedly messing up her marital bliss, the businessman’s wife is believed to have fled to South Africa.

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