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A 32-YEAR-OLD man will spend three months in jail for adding a zero to a $5 note to make it look like $50.

Godness Owen Godha, of no fixed abode was arrested as he tried to buy a pint of beer using the fake $50 note.

The $5 note had zeros added on all the corners using a green mighty marker, to make it appear like a $50 note.

Godha admitted he wanted to buy beer using the fake money but denied being the one responsible for adding a zero to the note.

Gwanda magistrate, Arafat Kozanai, convicted Godha of possessing a fake note and sentenced him to an effective three months in prison.

Godha told the court he had been given the fake note by one Maphala, who is a teacher at St Christopher's School in Gwanda Town.

"I had a bunch of notes and had not realised that I had fake money," he said in his defence.

However, magistrate Kozanai said in trying to defend himself, Godha had actually raised points that exposed him that he had knowledge of possessing fake money.

"You put these zeros to make it look like $50, but your attempts failed. You have great knowledge of where you found the money. So you should go to prison where you belong otherwise you will end up painting other monies," said Kozanai.

Prosecuting, Getrude Zvidzai said Godha tried to buy beer at Njula bottle store using a fake $50 but the cashier immediately noticed it.

The matter was reported to some detectives who were at the bottle store leading to Godha's arrest.

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