Having indulged in unprotected sex with countless women (some of whom were young enough to be his own daughters) it was reasonably concluded that Morgan Tsvangirai is a terrible leader who is incapable of leading by example. Of course this assessment was right. However, it has since emerged that Mr Tsvangirai is not just a bad example when it comes to handling women. He is just as bad, if not much worse, when it comes to handling his own finances as well.

Barely 12 months ago, Mr Tsvangirai was worth millions of dollars. Yet, ladies and gentlemen, it is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that our former Prime Minister is now literally broke. I am reliably informed that Mr Tsvangirai is now living on $50 monthly donations from his party MPs.

Many will say that it is not right to celebrate another man’s misfortune. That is absolutely true, but totally beside the point. The fact is that Mr Tsvangirai is a political leader who aspires one day to be President of this country. He must be seen to be leading by example on all fronts including when it comes to financial matters. On the basis of what evidence is available, it is not unfair to conclude that Mr Tsvangirai has dismally failed to be an exemplary leader. He needs to admit as much and quit politics altogether.

It is really surprising that a person like Psychology Maziwisa takes pleasure in pouring insults to Morgan Tsvangirai. One hour ago he ridiculed that Tsvangirai is so broke that he is surviving on $50 donation from MDC MPs. He further calls upon Tsvangirai to resign from politics. I don't think he means what he is saying. He knows well who should resign from politics including him. Maziwisa must be the least person to call others to resign from politics. If Tsvangirai is so broke to be a charity case, that is none of Maziwisa's business. Iye Psychology Maziwisa anei. He is the one who must leave politics and go back to his trade of popularity. The an*s is full of air and it needs services.

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