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A BULAWAYO woman yesterday revealed in court that she physically attacked her husband as she was angry that he starves her of sex.

Priviledge Chingwa was dragged to the Civil Court by her husband Agreement Magaviri who was seeking a protection order for turning violent after he refused to engage in sex with her early this month.

The Emakhandeni couple appeared before magistrate Evelyne Mashavakure and was advised to go for a two week counselling session before she can rule on the matter on March, 27.

The magistrate said the counselling session was necessary in coming up with an informed decision.

Chingwa said she is sex starved and her husband was not responsible at home.

"My husband refuses to sleep with me and sometimes when we fight I end up biting him because I will also be trying to protect myself from him. He does not buy food and he does not give me money to use on anything," Chingwa said.

However, Magaviri told the court that his wife often beats him up and he was applying for a peace order as he does not want to retaliate.

He said the latest attack was on March, 2, when he refused to sleep with Chingwa.

He alleged that his wife has previously beaten him several times.

"She doesn't respect me, she sometimes beats me in front of our children and neighbours or even relatives. When I'm having conversations with my uncles she comes in and starts belittling me. I applied for a protection order against my wife because I don't want to retaliate but I just want to have peace," he said.

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