A CHIREDZI man who recently served jail time for engaging in sex with a goat was last week sentenced to six months in jail after he was caught committing the same crime with the same goat.

Mafanele Mafanele, 39, from Chief Sengwe area in Chiredzi committed the same offence in December last year and was given 60 days imprisonment.

He was back again in the same court last week after he was caught engaging in sex with the same she-goat. It is reported that when asked why he prefers having sex with goats when Zimbabwe has millions of beautiful women, including prostitutes who offer sex with even being proposed, Mafanele allegedly said "mbudzi inonaka kupinda vakadzi" (a goat is more sexually satisfying than women).

Chiredzi Magistrate Geraldine Mutsoto sentenced Mafanele on his own plea of guilty.

Prosecutor Prosper Chipangura told the court that on March 23 this year at Makhosiya Village in Chilonga, Mafanele came across his neighbour’s goats grazing unattended in the fields.

The court heard that he then chased the goats and caught the she goat with which he had had sex in December before removing his trousers to repeat the same sexual escapades with the animal.

He was however caught by a passer-by who apprehended him and handed him over to the police.

Mafanele was initially sentenced to 12 months imprisonment but Mutsoto suspended six months for five years on condition he does to commit the same offence again.



Dzoraivhoti Egosc
-1#Dzoraivhoti Egosc2015-04-05 08:57
But I beg to differ wth this law of bestiality. If my sexual appetite is of an animal or same sex or bonyora is it supposed to be a crime. Look here it looks lyk gvts alwayz wants to control all our livelihoods whch is bad 4 democracy.Nw u separate hm frm hs she-goat Wyf and force hm to be a homo in jail dnt u see dat u erred in passing yo sentence. A warning was acceptable.
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Mwana waGushungo
0#Mwana waGushungo2015-04-06 11:40
Mbudzi of all things ? cant understand his appetite , its scary and gross . Uchisiya vakadzi vane mahips and so forth . A goat is all hair and horns and a tail , what's so sexually appealing about that unless you are a goat yourself
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0#JUSTICE A2015-04-06 12:52
Exodus 22:19 Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death. HE IS LUCKY TO GET SUCH LENIENCY IF HE KEEPS REPEATING THE SAME SIN. IF I WERE THE MAGISTRATE NDAIITA 16+ YEARS ARI MUKATI. We cry for justice, jus cos mbudzi yanga isina lawyer does not mean it was not rapped. Rape i rape chete.

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mai t
0#mai t2015-04-07 10:16
mmmmm zvino kana takukundwa kunaka nembudzi zvaoma manje, zvino iyo mbudzi iyo ichaitwa sei ini kana yafa ndipei zvangu sadza nefushwa
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0#selele2015-04-07 13:23
Quoting mai t:
mmmmm zvino kana takukundwa kunaka nembudzi zvaoma manje, zvino iyo mbudzi iyo ichaitwa sei ini kana yafa ndipei zvangu sadza nefushwa

It's a mental condition. He is even prepared to die for goat-sex, much as Mugabe is prepared to commit genocide over gays-sex.
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0#selele2015-04-07 10:32
Beastiality is illegal because there is no you can prove that animals approve of sex with humans.
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0#abel2015-04-07 13:16
kkkkkkk.......m an do you take this she-goat as your lawful wedded wife........... .kkkkkkkkk
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