Extremely sex starved Masvingo woman rapes 3 boys in 1 night, one after the other

Published: 06 May 2015

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An extremely sex-starved 24-year-old woman from Chief Chikwanda's area in Gutu, Masvingo, will soon appear in court charged with raping three of her nephews aged 16, 15 and 13 in sex romps that went into the night.

It is suspected that all the three boys who are brothers and are attending Guni Secondary school in Chief Makore's area have acquired sexually transmitted diseases and medical records will be produced in court to prove this.

Mercy Hlupo (24) of Bhainda Village is accused of arousing her three nephews whom she shared a bedroom with before indulging in sex with them, one after the other. This has been going on since November last year.

She is alleged to have had sex with them without their consent and will appear at Masvingo Magistrates' Court on May 11, 2015 charged with rape.

It is the State case that Hlupo slept in the same bedroom with the three boys. Hlupo who is married to their mother's brother slept on a bed while the boys allegedly slept on the floor.

Hlupo would then invite the boys one after the other onto the bed and arouse them by caressing their private parts. She would then take turns to have sexual intercourse with them, according to court documents.

"The accused person who was sleeping in the same bedroom with the three, dragged them one at a time to her bed and began arousing them by touching their penis, erecting them. She finally instructed them to take turns on  her top and insert (sic) penis  into her vagina thereby having sexual intercourse with them on several occasions without their consent," read the court papers.

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