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Some of the wives of the arrested Vapostori belonging to Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani led Johane Masowe Wechishanu have called on their member of the National Assembly to intervene following threats by some of the leadership in their area to force them out of Harare.

The wives told the news crew that they are being victimised for crimes of their husbands.

The wives made an appeal to their legislator, Cde Shadreck Mashayamombe, who in turn urged them to remain calm while he brings the situation back to normal.

"I have heard their plea and we are saying no to violence. People must learn to forgive each other," he said.

Johane Masowe Wechishanu Apostolic sect members were arrested on charges of assaulting police officers and journalists at their shrine in Harare's Budiriro suburb recently.

The High Court judge, Justice Esther Muremba granted US$100 bail to each of the arrested.

However, some of them are failing to raise the required money and are still in police custody.

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