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First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has advised sex-starved men to engage the services of commercial sex workers instead of resorting to raping minors.

She was speaking at the World Blood Donation day in Chinhoyi on Saturday. "Is it not that Baba (President Mugabe) has told you that if you are starved of sex, you must look for prostitutes?" she said.

The president’s wife bemoaned the rate at which young girls were being raped and called for rapists to be beheaded.

"Looking at men, I am saying while others are donating blood to improve life, some are destroying that life. I think people who commit such heinous crimes should be immediately send to the gallows to be beheaded. I don't see the reason why we should consider anything else," she said..

"When God fashioned you (men) with those instruments that you carry around (male organs) his intention was for you to use them for reproduction, but the way you go and sow those seeds is sometimes disheartening. Is it ok to plant your seed in kids? It is embarrassing! It is very bad," she added.

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