Harare Pastor humiliated by prostitute he failed to pay, she was fuming while not wearing underwear (VIDEO) A man believed to be a local church pastor was yesterday afternoon humiliated by a self-confessed hooker who was alleging that he was failing to pay for services rendered, our sister publication, Iharare, has reported.

The thigh vendor demanded US$50 from the man saying it was the amount they had agreed for him to fondle her privates. See the video on KuzeyaNyaya.com

Men flocked like flies to the scene to catch a glimpse of the lady of the night's thighs as she had no underwear.

The drama unfolded at the corner of Nelson Mandela and Fourth street.

Moles claim that the man said he had agreed on US$5 with the woman but she then shifted goal posts when she realised he had more money in his wallet.

"They tiff started long before they disembarked the car, bro.. Vazotanga kumhanyisana. Anga asina kana brugwa achitosimudza makumbo," a source told our Team.

The hooker when interviewed insisted that she had not bonked the Pastor but he dress shows some whitish stuff resembling s*xua fluids.

In the video which has since gone viral on social networks(Find download links and link to the video on our Facebook page Below), the man alleged that he was only helping the woman with TRANSPORT! "Saka kubatsira munhu imhosva here?" he pleaded helplessly.

The hooker quickly interjected, "Kubatsira munhu uchivhura b*ch* rangu? Auya akati arikuda kubata matinj* angu akati anondipa US$50 saka ngaabhadhare," she said

She insisted that they had not been intimate but that he had just wanted to have a feel of her pr1vates! "Haana kurova anga achingobata chete," she said

Men at the scene were utterly SHOCKED by the exorbitant rates charged by the hooker," Fifty Dollars kungobata chete…Haaaaa," another man is heard saying in the video.

The hooker and the man then engaged in a brief but spirited scuffle, with the hooker in a seemingly judo inspired move bringing the Pastor tumbling to the ground. The pastor managed to fight her off and briefly went on top before some sympathetic members of the public broke the fight.

It appeared the man could be have been a regular client of the hooker judging by the words she used,"Auya akanditi nhasi handisi kuda kurova, ndirikuda kungobata matinj*," she said.

The two reportedly left the scene with the vehicle being driven by another man but the cameras of the citizen journalists on the scene had recorded everything.




0#njanji2015-06-11 11:48
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0#mandoza2015-06-11 12:41
Pastors Be careful You are under the sport light.
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0#wasu2015-06-11 12:54
I sense an element of extortion there,look,this woman discovered that the man was a pastor,so has a reputation to protect,ndosaka amudaiso.I doubt if anything happened between the two.Guys these thigh vendors are very clever in their game,they have to up it ,what with the influx of young and cheap sellers in town after that ruling.Saka the law of supply and demand.is no longer in their favour bcoz anyone with that item can now sell it without fear.Apa dollar harisi kubatika saka boys dzaa scarce.I have a lady friend arikubhadharirw a rent napastor nenyaya yekukwidza njapis mota.Kkkkk,she is an usher,so they finished service late and the pastor chose to drop the girls at their homes.The girl stole his handkerchief,an d blackmailed the pastor.He is deep in shit,kkkkkk.He cant get out of it bcoz the girl is now saying i will tell your wife that you are my boyfriend,if not why were you paying rent for me.kkkkkk.Matso tsi njapis idzi.Can do anything.kkkkk
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0#bobo2015-06-11 13:19
my zim maona semen
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tinoumba tasara
0#tinoumba tasara2015-06-11 13:32
uuuuuuuuummmmm hurumende mutemo yamakazoisa iyi mahure ototonga zvino! pastor muchinyanyawo!
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0#jackb2015-06-12 15:37
kkk haasi pastor uyo kungoita kuti nyaya ikore chete, but maone kwaari blaz uyu, kuti kana ane mhuri achanyarira pai, pamwe ndevaya vanhu vemadrama zvavo.
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0#Solo2015-06-12 17:23
The dress shows the profession of a person, the pastor gave a lift to a woman without a pant. Most likely the woman had no busfare and said to the pastor, "Mari yebhazi ndini."The pastor took a decision to touch the feet only over and above the tourism he did along the way and then he went further thus changing the payment agreement.
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