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WAR veterans' leader Jabulani Sibanda has demanded that the government bans H-Metro and B-Metro, accusing the tabloids of promoting pornography and immorality.

Sibanda threatened to lead war veterans into taking matters into their own hands and deal with the problem if the government does heed their calls.

The controversial war veterans' boss was speaking at the Habakkuk Apostolic Faith Mission church service in Guruve, where he showed the other side to his life, preaching fervently to the masses.

"We are saying this to authorities here, we will act if you don't deal with those papers that are promoting pornography. How do you justify a paper publishing picture ye munhu ari mubhurungwa sure? Kana hurumende ikasaita act, we are going to act," he said.

H-Metro and B-Metro were launched by Zimpapers in 2009 to serve the lower end of the market in Harare and Bulawayo respectively.

Meanwhile, Sibanda  also blasted political parties and groups pressing for the recognition of homosexuality in the country, describing them as Satanists who needed "God's hand" to transform their lives".

In his sermon, which lasted for two hours, Sibanda quoted from Zephaniah and Jeremiah to show his mastery with spiritual matters saying those who support homosexuality are Satanists and will not go to heaven.

"I have heard some people supporting ngochani; I don't know if that is what the bible says. But from what I have read, those who support same sex marriages are Satanist," he said.

"Isu muno, hatidi zvakadaro. Hatidi church inosupporter chingochana. Vanhu vakadaro vanosupporter Satan, vanhu vaSatan," he said much to the applause of the congregation.

Sibanda also read from Zephaniah 3 to prove "God's love for Africa".

"For God said beyond the rivers of Ethiopia lie my people. He never said beyond Mississippi in America there lay my people, no. He never said beyond the great rivers of Germany, France, Iran, Iraqi or England there lay my people, no.

"But God told Zephania that Africans are his people and l wonder why Africans look down upon themselves when they are God's people," Sibanda said as the crowd broke into cheers and ululating.

"From creation, God loved Africans and each time he wanted to do something good for his people, he used an African," he said.

Before his speech, some Zanu PF officials from the province turned the gathering into a political rally through sloganeering but when he rose to speak, Sibanda lambasted the youths.

 "Imi vapfana munoziva Zanu PF? Zanu PF haiite zvemaparty slogans kuchurch. Kanatiri kuchurch tinoita zvaMwari kwete zvemaslogans," he said.

He also said real man love their wives and abide by God's laws.

"Unonzwa munhu achitii ndiri murume nekuti ndine bonga. Hanzi ndine vana saka ndiri murume.  Hanzi nekuti ndine makore 100 ndiri murume. Hausi  murume uri munhu rume," he said to applause from the church members.

"Handiti kune mbudzi rume nemombe rume; in the same token kune munhurume nemurume. Kuti uve murume unege waratidza kukura kwepfungwa. A real man is the one who worships God, respects and loves his wife and children. Kana usingaiti izvozvo urimunhu rume (If you don't do that you are just a man not a real man)."

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