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THOSE who live by the sword shall die by the sword!

These were reportedly the sentiments echoed by many at the funeral wake of a woman from Masvingo who allegedly experienced hell on earth for two months when her stomach ballooned after she allegedly ran out of human flesh.

Rudo Mangezi (70) from Mutiri Village in Mwenezi allegedly started suffering after "her" snake was taken away by witch-hunters popularly known as tsikamutandas.

She allegedly confessed before her death that the snake used to supply her with human flesh.

Mangezi shocked villagers before breathing her last when she mentioned names of the people she allegedly killed and feasted on their flesh.

Headman Lovemore Machipisa confirmed Mangezi's death.

"Prophet Isaac Masuka made stunning revelations about the snake and the now deceased old woman. People say she deserved what she went through before dying because she had blood on her hands," said Machipisa.

He revealed that Mangezi was buried at her deserted homestead as even her only two surviving children vowed never to set foot there again.

Mangezi started suffering after she was found in possession of a snake which was allegedly supplying her with human flesh.

The snake was displayed in public and it was taken away and that marked the beginning of the deterioration of her health.

She went to various hospitals and spiritual healers, but all the efforts were fruitless.

The leader of Zambuko Apostolic church Isaac Masuka, during a cleansing ceremony, revealed that there was an old woman in the village with a snake which was responsible for most deaths.

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