An assassination attempt was made on Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya, it has emerged.

Prophet Magaya confirmed this during last Wednesday's evening service, revealing that he had been seeing a terrible attempt on his life in the past three weeks. It is alleged that a member of his church tampered with the brakes of one of his vehicles.

The PHD ministries leader highlighted that those who served in his ministry had been made aware of the situation.

"I have been seeing a terrible attempt on my life for the past three weeks," Prophet Magaya said.

Prophet Magaya spoke after a praise and worship session during which three of the church's officials led by Senior overseer Admire Simango hinted that they were going to reveal some secrets before going on a name and shame rant of members who had duped or were plotting their leader's demise.

"Prophet found his car without brakes. This was done by one of the people who attend this church. Should we say this is a child of this ministry who does such a thing?" Snr overseer Simango said.

To kick start the humiliation furore, Snr overseer Simango played a video footage of a man who had been attending the ministry but was alleged to have attempted to siphon the Prophet of $15,000. The video shot during a previous service showed Prophet Magaya rebuking the man and telling him that he wasn't supposed to attend his ministry anymore.

"Do you know this face?" Snr overseer Simango asked the congregation.

"Have you ever seen him since that time? This man went about telling those who had profile pictures of the Prophet on their phones to remove them as he wasn't a man of God. When he was caught he came back with summons that he wanted to be paid $15,000 for having served the ministry.

"We asked him who he was suing between the prophet and the church, he just said he wanted money from Magaya," Snr overseer Simango said to the congregation's amusement.

The can of worms went on to be opened when Snr overseer Simango stated that 14 women within the congregation had been paid by an unnamed entity to speak falsehoods about the Prophet.

In addition to that, a photoshopped picture of the Prophet staring at a woman's backside was also displayed on the screens.

The picture was allegedly posted online in an alleged attempt to tarnish the Prophet's image.

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