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GUTU – The Nerupiri High School face book expose has touched off a major investigation expected to see some teachers in soup for improper sexual relations with pupils.

Following publication of a report on the face book page called Nerupiri Bulletin in our newspaper last week a six-member delegation of Masvingo provincial education inspectors was dispatched to Nerupiri this week to investigate the scandals.

The reports and investigations come at a time when one of the teachers implicated in cases of improper sexual association with pupils is said to have recently impregnated a form three pupil (name withheld) who was recently forced to drop out of school.

The case came into light after we broke the story last week in which pupils have started face book pages and WhatsApp groups where they name and shame teachers that are having improper association with girl pupils.

A reliable source at Nerupiri Secondary School confirmed the development and said more teachers might face the chop.

"Munyengeri was dismissed early this year for having sex with a pupil. There is an English teacher who is being accused of having sex with a Form 4C pupil while he is also suspected to have impregnated a Form 4B pupil who recently dropped out of school. Another teacher, Gutuza has a pending case in which he is again alleged to have been having sex with another Form 3 pupil. He has since appeared before a hearing team. Six education inspectors from Masvingo came here on Monday and I can sense danger; many of us might be discharged," said the source.

When contacted for comment, the school head a Muhunde professed ignorance over the matter and started to question this reporter how he got his number.

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