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A Glen View three months old baby, who was with her parents at the Judgement Night part 2 held at the National Sports Stadium on Saturday, died in unclear circumstances on returning home.

The child Isheanesu, was buried at Granville cemetery on Monday. The late Child's grandfather, Albert Muremo told reporters that he was still in shock that his grandchild had died.

"My 19 year old girl, together with her husband, attended the judgement night and they took along with them the now late child.They brought her to me on Sunday morning and we could see that she was not well, so I told them to immediately take her to the hospital. They rushed her to Garden City clinic at Machipisa and on arrival they were told that the child was already dead," narrated the Grandfather.
Faith (PICTURED), who is yet to come to terms with her child's death, sobbed as she narrated how her child died.

"We had spent the previous day waiting for the judgement night and all had seemed to have gone well,till Sunday morning. Before we left on Sunday my husband had told me to breastfeed the child so that we could leave the stadium before there was congestion. I did just like he had told me and after that we went home. Upon arriving at home we notice that Ishe was bleeding from the nose, but we did not believe that she could have died. I went my and told my father and my mother in law who told us to go to the hospital where we were told that she had died. Chiremba vakatiti mwana anenge atova nenguva ashaya. Zvinhu zvinondirwadza kuti handisisina mwana. Handizivi kuti akadyiwa nei (The doctor told us that the child had passed on a while back. It pains me very much that my child died, I don't know what caused her death)," she said.

Muremo said he had earlier quizzed the child's parents why they had not taken the child tot the hospital as soon as they had realised that she was not well.

"I don't know why they first brought the child to me, before going to the clinic. I still don't understand how my grandchild died. From what I understand, her mother said the last time she breastfed her at around five am, the baby had smiled and she said she strapped her on her back after breastfeeding. She said, however, later realised that the child was not well, hence she came home. Kuda akapindwa nechando,handizivi asi mwana akandirwadza iyeye (perhaps the baby caught a cold, I am not too sure but her death pained me very much," added Muremo.

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