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A married Madzibaba has taken a dig at the husband of a woman he snatched, accusing him of failing to sexually satisfy his erstwhile wife on all fronts.

While Margret Chanaiwa Matanhire (33) could not be located for a comment over four days, she ditched her non-performing husband, Phineas Koma, for Madzibaba Batsirai.

Madzibaba Batsirai is a neighbour to Phineas and is also a car dealer. He seems to be a true helper as his name suggests.

Margret and Madzibaba Batsirai's illicit affair came to light after Phineas discovered love messages in one of Margret's secret phones she used to communicate with Madzibaba Batsirai.

"My wife left me in the open after her boyfriend Batsirai confessed  before us that he is responsible for the 'bun in the oven' and they have been cheating for some time. My wife was using a secret phone and her contact number differs with Batsirai's by one digit meaning that they bought them together. I discovered love messages dating back three years proving that since that time they have been seeing each other and I could not believe my friends and workmates who were gossiping about her cheating," said Phineas.

"I failed to stomach this and ordered her to pack her belongings and she is now living with Madzibaba Batsirai somewhere in Glen View 1. Imagine that she was cheating with my neighbour who has a family that she knows and was disguising to receive prayers. Are these the 'special prayers' that they were talking about? She used to frequent his shrine for prayers telling him our matrimonial problems.

"I am sure that is how she was lured to stay with him because as we speak they are co-habiting behind the back of Batsirai's wife," added the nman who was reportedly dumped for failing to 'pump' his wife good enough.

He also indicated that Batsirai used his truck to collect Margret's belongings including his mother's stove and fridge.

"By witnessing the bees that came here three days after she collected her belongings, I suspect that she is the one behind these bees since she collected my mother's property. Batsirai's guts to openly challenge me that my children were his and not even once of them is mine left me naked. It had been a while since we had sex together and she would tell me that Batsirai told her not to sleep with me.

"We had been working together at City Council as water meter readers but she has since stopped coming to work and I presume it is due to her shameful acts," he said.

He also revealed that his relatives suspected his wife had given him some powerful mupfuhwira (love potions).

"My relatives thought she had given me love potions because we have been having such problems and every time I forgave her I only did it for the sake of our children. It is sad that my children are being raised by a step-father when I am alive," he said while crying.

Reports at Margret's work place were that she had since stopped coming to work for the past month and could not be reached for comment as her phone was not reachable.

Prophet Batsirai however confirmed snatching Margret from Phineas saying the latter was not satisfying his wife and he is now living with her as his second wife.

"Phineas failed to manage his family and was not satisfying his wife with everything. Do you get me? I said EVERYTHING. I have since taken her since we have been in love for some time and she is now my second wife although my first wife is against it. As for the three kids, call me later because I am busy," said the sexually gifted Madzibaba Batsirai.

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