A daring couple stripped completely naked behind a bush a few metres from where tens of members of the Apostolic Church were having prayers and went on to have sex.

The couple seemed unperturbed by the prayer and praise that was taking place in the vicinity.

However, they were forced to leave their love nest without putting on their under garments when the secret photographer confronted them. The woman was seen leaving with her pants in her hands while the man had to tuck away his boxer shorts into a bag that they had with them when the secret photographer appeared.

The couple had removed all their clothes and put them aside. The woman even went to the extent of removing her bra. They then spread out a piece of cloth on the ground for them to lie on. They had another piece of cloth to cover themselves if need be.

They enjoyed each other's company in the complete nude and although they were disturbed by the sudden appearance of the secret photographer, the man stood his ground and defended his right to enjoy time with his lover.

The woman did not appear much shocked too as she sat with composure while she listened to her lover giving his defence to the photographer. The man told the secret photographer that there was nothing wrong with them making love in the bush because they were mature consenting adults. He also said that there was nothing wrong with doing it in a bush as long as they were away from the public glare.

"Vanhu havachatenderwi kupanana rudo here? Tiri vanhu vari mature. Tiri kutozviita in a way yokuti....Inini unotondiziva kuti ndini ani here? (Are you saying it is wrong for people to make love. We are mature and we are doing it in a way that.... But by the way do you know who I am?)", asked the man threateningly.

They later stood up to dress and almost forgetting to put on their underpants, they left with them clutched in their hands.



+1 # Max 2014-06-26 12:59
Stp this nonsense, is this news
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0 # solo 2014-06-26 13:19
This secret photographer Baba Jukwa. How come he knows secrets in adult hearts and he gets the "secret coordinates" of sex acts with precision?
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0 # Jakarasi 2014-06-26 17:20
Uyo secret photographer uyu ari kinky. I think he gets a rise out of watching and filming. Kna zviri private chinomunetsa chii. Does he delete the videos or does he keep a collection. Kana achichengeta anofanirwa kusungirwa possession of pornographic material....... ............... ............... .. nekunaka kunoita chigwishu chemubhundu.... .............an oshaya anomurova.
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0 # musvebhelebhe 2014-06-26 22:03
Quoting Jakarasi:
nekunaka kunoita chigwishu chemubhundu.................anoshaya anomurova.

kkkkkk apo wareva wena
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