A COUPLE from Bulawayo's Magwegwe suburb has reportedly entered into a 'income generating project', where the family now survives on money raised from the wife's prostitution services.

The money-making deal, however, went sour recently when the husband beat up his wife accusing her of refusing to go home at 2am as planned after she claimed she had not yet reached her cash target for that night.

This was heard by Bulawayo magistrate Sithembiso Ncube when George Msimanga (27) appeared before her, charged with physically abusing his wife, Pamela Ndlovu, who admitted in court that they had agreed that she could engage in prostitution to supplement her husband's income.
Msimamnga left the court in stitches when he admitted that they survive on cash raised by his wife's prostitution services. He told the court that he drops his wife at her usual soliciting points each morning and collects her at around 2am.

"On that day she said the money was not yet enough and refused to go home," Msimanga said.

"I pulled her hand and told her it was time to go home, but she refused saying she wanted to report me to the police for assault," Msimanga said.

"When we were still arguing, we met police officers who asked us where we were going and she told them that I was assaulting her. They handcuffed me and the officers assaulted me."



0#SIR TALENT2015-09-17 12:20
It only happens in the CITY OF KINGS.

If you become too lazy to work as a man uzovuma nomayini ~
Ngiyayizwela mpela leyondoda ngifisa u Jesu ayivule amehlo ayinike namandla okuzisebenzela ngezandla.
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Sisi Riri
+1#Sisi Riri2015-09-17 12:22
Stupid Husband!!
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Muchecheudzi Mukuru
+1#Muchecheudzi Mukuru2015-09-17 13:32
indoda leyi yinja sibili
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+1#tkchitando2015-09-17 13:33
l do not welcome this horrendous act in my life. never ever, better kuteya mbeva kana dziriko
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0#TENDER2015-09-17 13:36
the man does not love the woman but is using her beauty and harlotry to get money and live.the woman is stupid and evil.murume adziya moto wembavha so is also evil.however,he should not be arrested coz God will deal with both of them if they do not repent. hakuna marriage yakadaro,y cnt the prostitute see.
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0#selele2015-09-17 14:37
Stupid guy. Just become a pander like Chiyangwa was. Pimp-business is flourishing even in Zimbabwe.
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0#ignatius2015-09-18 11:06
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0#jackb2015-09-18 11:14
kkk ignatius utori right zvako kutsvaka mari pane kuteerera nyaya dzemahure
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0#selele2015-09-18 11:59
Quoting jackb:
kkk ignatius utori right zvako kutsvaka mari pane kuteerera nyaya dzemahure

Hapasi pekutsvaga basa nenakastoma pano. We come here after stressful work.
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0#SIR TALENT2015-09-18 12:17
Kkkk selele unepamuromo .
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