A 17-YEAR-OLD Juvenile from Tsholotsho left villagers tongue-tied after allegedly ripping the tiny private parts of a four-year-old girl with an Okapi knife before raping her.

The incident happened on Friday last week in Tshakawa Village in Dikili area. The boy reportedly ripped the girl's privates after realising that his organ was too big for the child's privates.

"This boy did the most cruel and unheard of thing in our society. The boy took an Okapi knife and ripped apart the girl's private parts because her private parts were too small for him," fumed Ward 19 Councillor Alois Ndebele, who is among the people who took both the girl and the boy to a police station in Tsholotsho.

"This boy took the girl's under garments and shoved them in her mouth so that her screams could not be heard. After the incident, the girl was bleeding continuously and we never thought she was going to survive, as she lost too much blood," added Clr Ndebele who fumed throughout the interview.

Tshakawa Village head, Mr Luke Ncube, said the juvenile had a long history of being aggressive and abusive. He said it was now time for him to be given a life sentence.

"His history tells us that he is very aggressive and abusive. He was once taken by police and they disciplined him after he abused his peers. We don't tolerate such behaviour in society and police officers are coming soon to do an awareness campaign on rape," said Mr Ncube.

Mr Luke Munyedzi, a neighbourhood watch committee member at Chefunye called for the castration of the suspect.
He said: "He (the rapist) needs to be castrated because he has proved that he is an animal. There is no more peace in this area all because of these young men. We call upon the Government to set up a police station in this area so that police can instil discipline among these youths.

"Crime is now high in this area and this case is a reflection of what is happening in society. These youths insult elders and they are no longer showing them respect. We, therefore, call upon police to come and restore order."

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Siphiwe Makonese was unavailable for a comment as her mobile number was not reachable.

This incident comes at a time when the Government is trying to curb rape through launching the National Action Plan Against Rape and Sexual Abuse. The action plan is part of strategies adopted by the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Rape set up early this year to deal with the scourge.



+1 # vassyvybes 2014-06-30 07:29
satan dis boy
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0 # muzimba 2014-06-30 07:53
Please magistrate or judge do not consider that he is a juvinile. This mfana does not deserve to be in society.
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0 # Mobbie 2014-06-30 08:41
Surely if there are extenuating circumstances for murder, then there should be extenuating circumstances to imprison a 17 years old boy.
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0 # tafamutekwe 2014-06-30 13:51
Your concern is solely on the fact that the mentally insane youth should be spared from jail time. It does not seem to register in your mind that a 4 year old toddler was brutally attacked, raped, traumatized for life and nearly killed.
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+1 # Mobbie 2014-07-01 09:24
Pardon my wrong use of the word extenuating. What I mean is that if they can spare murderers because of extenuating circumstances surely they should also be able to imprison people when they behave so atrociously regardless of their age. I am a mother and am horrified by what the boy did. Its unheard of and I believe he deserves to be imprisoned. Society should be rid of such people.
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0 # Max 2014-06-30 12:56
He is insane, lock him behind bars for life.
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Cde Wangara
0 # Cde Wangara 2014-07-01 10:17
I am a father to a girl and i wud surely advocate Life in Jail to such a heartless devil
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