Latest on fired Zaoga Pastor who had hot sex with married woman Zaoga has suspended Tendai Machingu the married woman who was allegedly involved in an adulterous affair with defrocked Pastor Ignatious Tochi from fully participating in church activities.

The announcement was made last Sunday during a church service at Jerera. Announcing the suspension Pastor Mutinyani told the church that it was proper to restrict the involvement of Machingu in church activities indefinitely as what she allegedly did is against the church principles.

Machingu had continued attending church as usual despite the adultery case which torched a storm within the congregation. Machingu was always active in church activities during the Pastor Tochi era with some church members saying they smelt the rate some time back.

With Machingu now under what they call "Pasi peshamhu" it means she goes to church to follow what others are doing as she is now not allowed to undertake other activities.

Meanwhile, Pastor Tochi is now staying in Mashava where he was offered accommodation by his wife's sister at King Mine. Sources say Tochi relied on church accommodation as he had not build even a hut in his rural home.

After Zaoga defrocked him, he was immediately asked to leave church accommodation in Jerera's Low Density and had nowhere to go until his wife's sister offered them a house to put their furniture.

Before being fired by the church, Pastor Tochi who was the district pastor for Zaka would tell the woman, Tendai Machingu, how much he enjoyed steamy s*x with her, despite her being a married woman.

Machingu would in turn say how wonderful Pastor Tochi's 'bedroom sausage' tasted and demanded to see it even over the phone. Surprisingly, the married woman was recorded demanding to have UNPROTECTED s*x with the pastor, saying condoms were limiting the man of god's sweetness in bed.

Biggy Bissent who is a Maths teacher in Zaka installed a recording system on his wife's phone in May this year and he collected recordings made over a period of one week.

The conversations are contained in secret recordings made by Machingu's husband, Bissent, on his wife's phone. Most of the exchanges lasted for more than 30 minutes long.

Sources said this was not the first time that Bissent had been paid damages following his wife's adulterous affairs with other men. The teacher even got beasts after he caught his wife having s*x with other men.

Further allegations are that Bissent has since sold a Mazda twin cab he was given by Pastor Tochi last month as compensation for damages over the steamy s*x scandal he allegedly had with the married woman.

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