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Two friends from Chesvingo Suburb in Masvingo who had a threesome with a maid last Wednesday night were shocked when the woman cried rape the following morning.
Takunda Mupisiri and Tafadzwa Sigauke took turns to have sex with Tendai Mazungunye (21) while they slept on the floor in the dining room.
Mupisiri who had a relationship with the girl was the first to sleep with the girl and bragged to his friend about how he was deeply enjoying the act.
It was then that the stimulated Sigauke pleaded with his friend to allow him a chance.
It is the State case that the two men were watching television in the dining at a house in Chesvingo when Mupisiri decided to prepare a place to sleep on the floor. His friend Sigauke joined him.
At that stage that Mupisiri invited his girlfriend Mazungunye to come and join him on the floor. Mupisiri then went on to have sex with Mazungunye in the same blankets that he was sharing with Sigauke.
"Listen how sweet it is. Can you hear this," Mupisiri is said to have bragged to his friend.
An excited Sigauke  pleaded with his friend and girlfriend for a chance to have sex with Mazungunye. Mazungunye accepted but on condition that both men pay $20 each.
This was readily accepted and in no time the boys were taking turns on the girl and having great fun throughout the night. However, both men failed to fulfill their side of their bargain as they could not pay the agreed $20  each. Initially Mazungunye locked the two men in the house to induce payment.
When this failed she was at Chikato Police Station as early as 5am to report rape and Sigauke and Mupisiri were arrested. She also phoned her friend Pamela Ndlukulwani to alert her of the rape case.
However, Mazungunye changed her statement when she appeared before Masvingo Magistrate Victor Mahamadi conceding that the sex she had with the two men was consensual.
She was charged with supplying false information to a public authority and was sentenced to 10 months in prison and four months were suspended on condition that she does not commit a similar crime in the next five years.
Six months were also set aside on condition she does 210 hours of community service at Chikukutu Primary School. James Murambiza appeared for the State.

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