Another sex tape featuring Midlands State University students has been leaked on social media.

The tape features the daughter of a pastor with White Harvest in Chiredzi and two young men (both sons of prominent businessmen in Chiredzi.)

The two minutes and 50 seconds long tape shows Esau who is wearing spectacles having doggy-style sex with Debra while she is at the same time licking Tinashe's 'anaconda'. Esau is wearing a condom while Tinashe who is being licked is not putting on a condom. Towards the end Esau who looks fatigued by his energetic work on Debra hands a condom to Tinashe who seems impatient to have his turn on the girl.

In the video, Tinashe, who was being leaked by the pastor's daughter, could be heard shouting 'Fukk that B!TCH boy, Fukk that B!TCH', while Esau is busy having protected sex with the pastor's daughter, Debra.

The scene also shows that there was a third person who was taking the video. The person has since been identified as Freedom.  Freedom however refuted that he was the person in the video. Debra who is donning long hair is completely naked while the boys are just wearing shirts and they are doing it from a single bed.

As is the norm, dear friend, publishing explicit and adult content on this website is against our editorial policy. However, our friends from UK, who run Kuzeya Forum are keen to make sure you see these photos. All registered members of Kuzeya Nyaya have since received the photos on their emails.

Simply click here and register on Kuzeya Nyaya Forum, then the UK leaked content specialist will email you, and you will be able to download the photos from the London Server.



0#Solo2015-11-21 09:47
We thank technology for exposing all this. I tell some people that women do it and a lot dispute that it doesn't happen. If this lady is married she'll go home and say that she's tired because 2 adult bulls have exhausted her.

Inside the house she'll write on her WhatsApp to one of the bulls "Be my study partner, this course is difficult..." The bull responds, "Let's try the main library tomorrow, there are new books there..." You are the husband you see the WhatsApp sms and think that the people are workaholics or bookworms. The main library is a coded word which means the girl's hotel room. New books are new sex tapes where they learn styles. She says she's tired but she'll have a lot of energy to work on her WhatsApp.

If you suspect and ask she replies, "You crazy, my body is a temple of God. Its private and no one should see it except my husband..." Not all women do this but prostitution is amongst us. Its a sad fact. These gentleman will never marry this girl, they know her and they can't trust her. They'll allow another innocent man to marry and then they come as WhatsApp contacts or Facebook Friends. Here and there they'll be sending 'bithday messages' and the lady will be enjoying every letter of those sms. Its a weird world.

That's why I tell married people that don't shout in public saying "My wife is an angel...she doesn't whore..." All these males who lost their women to prostitution never knew, they all trusted until the fateful day the truth came out. Tough lucky ma gents!
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Mwana WaGushungo
0#Mwana WaGushungo2015-11-21 11:25
Come on , stop feeling sorry for magents , handiti ndivi vacho varikuchaya mwana vari two ? If you abuse a girl like that and pass her on to some of your kind isnt that fair play . After all you men munotoita kudzidzira pavana vevamwe and then plan to marry mhandara , dzinobva kupi mhandara dzacho imi muchidambura dzese for fun . Bottom line is both girls and boys ngavazvibate vomboita zvechikoro . Good things happen to those who wait , male or female
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