ZANU PF infighting degenerated to frightening levels yesterday, with the party’s national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa engaging in a bare knuckle verbal fight ahead of the party’s national conference starting in Victoria Falls today.
Speaking to our source soon after addressing a no-holds barred Zanu PF Harare provincial conference, Kasukuwere demanded Mutsvangwa to account for money that allegedly went missing from the State broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) during his tenure as director-general.
Kasukuwere had apparently been angered by Mutsvangwa’s decision to back Bulawayo war veterans’ call for the national commissar’s post to be reserved for freedom fighters.
“He [Mutsvangwa] can go to hell. Why is he harassing us? He has no title deeds for the war he always talks of. He must account for the money he stole at ZBC,” he said during his address at a meetingwhere Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko was guest of honour.
“We will respect him if he stops attacking us. We are not his children. We have worked well with other war veterans before like the late Chenjerai Hunzvi and others. Why should he continue attacking us when we know he is pushing for a succession agenda? I don’t think the war veterans will accept the nonsense he is doing. Let us work together for the good of this country.”
Contacted for comment, Mutsvangwa said the ZBC issue was dealt with by a competent court of law, challenging Kasukuwere to stop abusing the “institution of marriage” by dragging the First Family whenever he is cornered.
“We will always respect the institution of marriage and he is confused and conflating the institution of marriage and that of the State,” he shot back.
“Clarity of mind is an issue with him. For a country where everybody went to school after independence, he was late to go to school unfortunately. In that dragnet of education made possible by President [Robert] Mugabe and war veterans, he gets left out.”
Mutsvangwa said Kasukuwere had failed as a commissar, adding that since the latter assumed the commissar’s post, Zanu PF had experienced a yawning ideology gap.
“There is a crying poverty of institutional memory in the commissariat department,” he said.
Meanwhile, Harare provincial commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe said the province had resolved to rename the Harare International Airport after Mugabe.
Mashayamombe said the party also resolved to have the quota system, a move that would see a woman being included in the presidium.
“We also resolved that everyone who is heard saying down with G40 be expelled from the party because it’s fanning factionalism.
We resolved that any party member who castigates the leadership on WhatsApp or social media be disciplined. We also resolved that Harare International Airport be named after Mugabe like in South Africa where they have the OR Tambo International Airport named after the late African National Congress leader Oliver Reginald Tambo,” he said.



0#sandman2015-12-07 08:55
you zanupf pieces of can you say you want to work together for the better of the all need to die for the better of the country..zimbab we will never be better with zanupf..zimbabw e nolonger belongs to zimbabweans..zi mbabwe has been sold to china by zanu pf so china owns zimbabwe..we are now Z.R.C..zimbabwe republic of china..zanupf imhaata..where is itai dzamara you fuucken zanupf monkeys
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0#Simon2015-12-07 15:14
It is very sad indeed to note how some Zanu PF cadres are fast degenerating into a people without values and respect for protocol.
Active participation at the front does not qualify one as a true militant and revolutionary ethicon.
Heroes do not shout atop mountains for attention , they are recognised.
Nyathi also crossed the border into Mocambique but for the wrong reasons.
Mweya wechigandanga ,waKaguvi ,mbuya Nehanda and others hauna ndakaitei , zvekare hauna zera.
l thank you.
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mukorekore Tavara
0#mukorekore Tavara2015-12-07 22:20
Hey alarmists. Mutsvangwa must account for money that disappeared while he was head of z.b.c. you kasekuwere must also give account of who u double dipped you vrou mannetgie
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