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There was drama in Glen Norah C, when a self-confessed burglar tried to break a door with Prophet Walter Magaya stickers but manifested during the act.
The alleged burglar only identified as Norbert is said to have hatched a plan to break into the house since the property owner had left for the Healing Sunday service at Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries base in Waterfalls.
Seeing the stickers-sources say-Norbert thought they were just there for decoration but he later manifested during the act, which prompted one of the residents to call the house owner n the midst of the service.
The house owner returned home, only to find the said burglar in a trance. His place is ‘anointed’ with stickers emblazoned “Be Fruitful and multiply” around his house including all the windows and entry points.
Interestingly, the house does not have burglar bars and the owner does not have burglar bars and the owner trusts in the ‘anointing’ of Prophet Magaya.
When the house owner arrived at the scene of crime, he simply placed the sermon book of that day which was entitled “Devil is a liar” on Norbert and manifested even more.
That was not enough as he also ripped the bracelet that the house owner was wearing. Later on they brought the alleged burglar to church and he was delivered from the spirit that was causing him to steal from people.
After his deliverance, Norbert was shocked to see himself in church. He also confessed that he used a black magic ring he got from his aunt in Mozambique to attain powers to steal unnoticed but it has been rendered useless and powerless by the anointing in the stickers of Prophet Magaya.
He confessed that he never removed it since he was given it by his aunt more than three years back.
The ring was owned by his late uncle who was also a thief and got killed after he had stolen from one house. After the father’s death,Norbert was taken to Mozambique by his aunt where he comes from and that is when he started this profession.
He carries no tool to break in but he finds his tools at the crime scene and breaks in, it has been established.
Norbert claimed he ‘visualizes’ his uncle who died in 2002 as he walks around looking for prey and ‘he’ is the one who guided him.
Norbert said his finger gets itchy or swells and that would signal to him the presence of money. He further claimed he would be guided on the location of the hidden money.
His mother who stays in Harare ,was summoned to come and the PHD Ministries crew went to pick them up including the step-father and other close relatives to bear witness.
Within some minutes they had arrived at PHD Ministries.
I chased Norbert from home because he was now a trouble to me and as we speak we are in pain as he stole lots of things in our house,” said the dejected mother.

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