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A Chitungwiza man who is being accused of infecting his wife with HIV left the court in stitches when he denied the allegations.

Darlington Tembewa said he does not have a company that manufactures the disease.

"Do I manufacture the disease? I don't own a company that manufactures HIV," he boldly told the magistrate.

His estranged wife, Florence Mazanhi claimed that Darlington deliberately infected her with the virus before ditching her for another woman. The estranged wife was seeking a protection order against Darlington whom he accused of abusing her. She said he was in the habit of beating her up and throwing her belongings out of the house.

The woman further accused her ex-husband of hiring thieves to steal from her. As if all that was not enough, Florence claimed that Darlington takes her property to his new lover's house.

But in response, the man said his estranged wife was too talkative.

Presiding magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa Gofa granted the protection order in Florence's favour.

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