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Zvimba East Member of Parliament Francis Mukwangwarira received a thrashing after he was trapped in Highfield making moves on a married woman. The incident occurred in the early hours of yesterday after the legislator was trapped by Thompson Reuben,31, at House No.4453 Old Highfield attracting the attention of residents.
A source said that Thompson stumbled upon the WhatsApp conversation between his wife and the lawmaker, prompting the former to set a trap.
During the melee, the parliamentarian sustained a cut on his lower lip and bruises on both legs. It could not be established if there were any objects used in the assault.
By the time our source arrived at the scene, Thompson had allegedly bundled Honourable Mukangwarira into his vehicle before driving to Machipisa police station to lodge a complaint against the latter’s illicit affair with his wife Pamela Zakaria.
Our source witnessed the MP being escorted by police to his parked Ford Ranger truck registration (ADA 3069,leaving Thompson) in the cells .
Impeccable sources said Thompson sent Pamela packing and it is believed she has moved in with her parents in Hatcliffe.
“Mp vanga vave kutojairira pamba pemunhu kunge nzira yekumusha, vakazvambaradzwa chaizvo vakatemwa makumbo zvekuti panoda vakadzi vevamwe pakagadziriswa,” said the source.
In one of the WhatsApp conversations, Hon Mukwangwarira described Pamela as “wine god for me”.
Contacted for comment, Hon Mukwangwarira confirmed the fracas saying he wanted to help out Pamela with school fees.
“Pamela approached me seeking money to pay her fees at Nyadire teachers college and from that conversation, I was made to believe that she had no Ecocash account and wanted money leading me to get o the house in Highfield,” said Hon Mukwangwarira.
“In some of the conversations I used to joke with her as someone who socialises with people uye pahushamwari hwedu.
“I was promised lovely wine saka wine iyoyo ndinoida chaizvo eeh inondibatsira saka ndakabva ndaenda at the same time bringing her cash she wanted according to the message sent.
“I could not see her upon my arrival and I was assaulted by Thompson accusing me of cheating with his wife.
“He quickly reacted for nothing refusing to be restrained by his relatives.
“I do not know what weapons he used since it was dark but I sustained injuries on my body ndakangoti mwoyo chena unoparira,” said Hon Mukwangwarira in a telephone interview.
Pamela could not be reached for comment.

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