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The strippers who were performing at Club Forty40 in Bulawayo on Christmas Day, were reported to the police by revellers.
Police sources said the erotic dancers were fined for strolling and dancing stark naked.
“Yes, we arrested strippers briefly last week after a tip off from members of the public that they were strolling around the club stark naked,” said the police source.
A regular at the nightspot who refused to be named, said police entered the club at around 3AM and disrupted the naked strippers’ performance.
“While they were stripping, a group of cops walked into the nightspot and stopped them, demanding their dancers’ licence.
“Chocolate, the leader of the group said she didn’t have it. The cops then asked them to escort them outside where they ended up asking someone to send a picture of the licence via WhatsApp. We understand they were fined and released,” said the source.
Bulawayo Police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said she was not aware of the issue but urged strippers and nightclubs to adhere to their respective licences.
“I’m not aware of the issue as of yet, but I urge night clubs and groups that strip to have licences that allow them to strip,” she said.
The leader of the group Vimbai Muzuva popularly known as Chocolate said she fled from the scene as she had not committed a crime.
She denied that they were strolling and dancing naked in the nightclub.
“I had to run away when the police came because I found nothing wrong with what we were doing. We didn’t walk around and strip naked in the club,” said Chocolate.
She denied violating provisions of their licence.
According to the Censorship and Entertainment Act, the Board of Censorship has provided for these dancers to perform in public places but under the guidance of certificate “C” which regulates and controls how they conduct themselves.
The certificate has provisions that spell out how far they should go in disrobing and has limits to the kind of dances that they can perform along with the language that they can use.
Some of its provisions read: “That the artiste should not strip beyond the G-string. Items (clothing/costumes used for the dances) should not be smaller than those exhibited to the board.”
“That no physical contact should be made between the artiste and the audience during the performance of a strip tease act,” reads part of the certificate which cost $25 and is valid for a year.

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