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IN a desperate move to change her husband and make him a “yes man”, a Gokwe woman found herself in trouble as it turned out that the alleged love potion was poisonous.
Charles Sibanda (27) is lucky to be alive after his wife Shelter Hove (22) teamed up with her friend Stella Murove (19) to feed him with a love potion which turned out to be a poisonous substance.
Hove thought her love life would automatically blossom after her husband took the ‘love meal’, but she was shattered to see her plot take another direction. It is reported that Sibanda got home at around 8pm from a beer binge when he found his wife in the company of a friend.
The unsuspecting Sibanda, who was drinking beer, left it and proceeded to take a bath. The two who had already hatched a plan, saw a good opportunity of fulfilling their mission and therefore put the substance in the beer.
When Sibanda had finished bathing, he took his beer and after taking two sips felt that it had a funny taste.
He suddenly became dizzy and had severe abdominal pain before vomiting. Sibanda was admitted to Kwekwe General Hospital for two days. Since it was discovered that Sibanda had been poisoned, his wife and Murove were the main suspects leading to their arrest.
They appeared before Gokwe magistrate Shepherd Mjanja facing an attempted murder charge. Hove pleaded not guilty citing that it was not her intention to poison the man, but had asked for a love potion from her friend as she wanted a pliable man who would listen to her all the time.
She confessed that she had indeed obtained the herbs from Murove who had convinced her they would make a successful love cocktail. The magistrate remanded the two women in custody.

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