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Anger has led a Harare man to reveal how he allegedly had sex with both mother and daughter in a love triangle that has turned sour. Over the last three years, Ian Matanda’s amorous moments have reportedly included Daisy Bones Phiri and her daughter Emelzer Beki Phiri.
The latter was impregnated during the relationship but they are no longer together with Matanda accusing his mother-in-law of throwing spanners into their relationship.
The man at the centre of the storm has been dragged to the Maintenance court and ordered to pay $30 for the upkeep of his fruit of his loins. After the court case, hell broke loose with both parties provoking each other, something that led to ugly scuffles outside the court before police intervened.
“The reason why they were acting weird is that there is an issue That Emelzer the mother of my child does not know I was also in love with her mother ,” Matanda revealed.
He chronicled the strange story that had ended up before the court.
It all stated when Daisy (Mother-in-law) had hired me to fix her bed and the fence around her house, one thing led to another and we ended up having sex.
‘'Daisy used to buy me gifts like underwear and giving me money to keep me close to her.
“I later fell in love with her daughter Emelzer who was unaware of my secret affair with her mother which lasted for a year.
“I got into a two year relationship with Emelzer that disturbed Daisy because I was nolonger interested in her.”
The sudden switch, Matanda said was the turning point of his shenanigans.
“Daisy started nagging me trying to reawaken our previous affair sending me money.
“With Emelzer we had our baby but her mother was still against the relationship.
“Out of jealousy, Daisy convinced Emelzer to break up with me and influenced her to take me to maintenance court resulting in this scandal going public.”
Last Thursday Emelzer approached the Harare civil court accompanied by her mother demanding $150 maintenance from Matanda for the welfare of their child.
The presiding magistrate, Trevor Nyatsanza ordered Matanda to pay $30 with effect from January 31.
Outside the court Matanda looked at his child that Emelzer was holding and said:
“Be a winner not a loser like your mother and grandmother.”
This proclamation provoked Emelzer and Daisy (Emelzer’s mother) who in turn attacked Matanda.
They started hitting and scratching their erstwhile lover resulting in his shirt getting torn.
Daisy was not forthcoming on the issue describing questions on the accusations as “rubbish” before hanging up the phone.
Emelzer was not reachable when our source tried to contact her for a comment.
Matanda who now has a fiance as not happy about what transpired after the Thursday civil case.
Yesterday he claimed to be in hospital after he was allegedly beaten up by Emelzer’s brother and father .
“I am at Harare Hospital now after being beaten by the father and Emelzer’s brother .They hire some three other guys.
“I was ambushed around 10pm on the 8th.

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